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    Does anybody have any experiences with wearing diapers to prom or any other school dances or functions?
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    Changing Diapers

    How often do you guys change your diapers? Do you have a certain time that you do it, or do you just do it when your diaper needs it? Do you do it anytime your diaper is wet or messy, or only when it starts getting full? If you are a caretaker how often do you change your little? Or anything...
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    out in public

    Does anyone have any ideas about things I can do while out in public with my little to make her feel more little? Things that aren't super obvious but in someway display she's being a little more like a little? Obviously I'm not going to like change her while we're just sitting out in the park...
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    Diaper activities?

    What do you like doing while you're in a diaper? It can be something you only do while in a diaper or something you find more fun in a diaper. Just wanted to get some ideas of things to do to enjoy this part of my life further!
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    What do your friends know about you?

    How many of you have told your friends or Significant others about your condition? And what was their response? My girlfriend knows about it and doesn't mind at all! She actually likes to diaper me when I need it! I haven't really told any of my other friends about it though as I'm not too...
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    ABDL date ideas?

    my girlfriend wears pull-ups and every so often I'll wear diapers for fun, she's the little in our relationship though. Anyways I'm new to this and was wanting to know if anyone had any fun date ideas or activities that we can do that have some focus on her wearing a pull up? or just something...
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    Outfit ideas?

    Put my girlfriend in pull ups now and want to know what are some good ideas for outfits to pair with them? One's that don't show what she's wearing but still look really cute?
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    HI I'm Cobweb! (username doesn't mean anything I just googled random username lol) College Student studying Physics and have a beautiful girlfriend who I love and yes she knows about this side of me I like wearing diapers and putting her in diapers. would love to hear about good ways to use the...