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  1. turtleie

    Best deal on diapers ever!

    So I walked into the 99 cent store and found that they had a lot (and I mean A LOT) of packs of tena pull up diapers. I was so excited! So, I bought a pack to test them out, and they are amazing! Best part: They only cost $1.08. :smile1: I'm going back and buying like 10 packs of them in the...
  2. turtleie

    Getting pee out of a mattress?

    Okay, not sure if this is in the wrong section, and I apologize if it is. Anyways, I stopped wetting the bed for about 2 months, and decided I could safely take off my mattress protector and sleep unprotected. Big mistake. Anyways, one thing led to another, and my bed got soaked. I was just...
  3. turtleie

    getting paid $150,000 to wear diapers

    Title says it all, a lady got paid to wear diapers. If only :beg: Woman Felt Forced to Wear Diapers to Work | NBC Philadelphia
  4. turtleie

    Another self-hatred thread

    Sooo.... I've been going through the whole self hatred phase lately. I guess a lot of it comes from confusion. What am I confused about? My whole sexuality. I cannot get sexually aroused without diapers or one of my other fetishes involved. But the funny thing is, Its not even about a guy/girl...
  5. turtleie

    Anybody ever explored the deep aka dark web?

    Well, I recently downloaded tor and got curious and started to explore. Honestly, it isn't anything special iMO. People keep talking about all of the bad things they find on there, but I have yet to find anything illegal or morally wrong. So... has anybody here ever been brave enough to explore...
  6. turtleie

    Awake for 48 hours and counting....

    Okay, so this is in the off-topic section for a reason. Anyways, currently here in the great state of California, it is 1:30 Am, Tuesday Morning. I have been awake since 11:00 pm Saturday night. On Saturday I decided I wanted to see what really happens when a person doesn't sleep. Also, I kinda...
  7. turtleie

    Anybody ever try these?

    I see these next to the goodnites at the store, however I am skeptical of trying them. Anybody ever try them? Little Ones Jumbo Sleep Pants For Boys And Girls Large Size 65-85 Lbs. - 14 Count
  8. turtleie

    This is for all the newbies!

    Okay, I'm not sure this is quite the right place for this thread, but I figured this is where it would be most viewed, and I couldn't find a more fitting place to put it. if it is out of place, please move it to an appropriate spot. Thanks. Lately it seems that ADISC is being overrun with...
  9. turtleie

    What to excpect?

    Okay, so I've been a bedwetter as long as I can remeber. I stopped around 13 but it cam back about a year ago, and I'm 16 now. I am going to the doctor soon for it, and I was just wondering what I should expect. Its a regular doctor, not a urologist or anything like that. Anybody else have any...
  10. turtleie

    My much needed second introduction!

    Hello ADISC! Most people probably recognize me, and if you don't :bleh: Anyways, my old laptop broke, so i haven't been on ADISC in ages, but, I finally got a new comp and I'm back, so I thought it would be appropriate to say Hi to the world again! lol.
  11. turtleie

    Found a GN Boxers alternative

    e-Special Needs | Pull On Underwear Style | Drymids Boxers When i get paid I am so going to try these. They look like the PERFECT diaper for wearing in public. :biggrin:
  12. turtleie

    GN Boxers discontinued???

    Okay... I went against th advice I got in my other thread just to satisfy my curiosity, and I went to wal mart to buy some goodnites boxers. They didn't have them, so I went to target. They didn't have them either. So after going to 2 more stores, I gave up and just bought the regular ones. Are...
  13. turtleie

    Choking Under Pressure

    Or does it seem that when you are really good at something, but when you need that skill to come out the most, you almost always end up choking, making it look like you've never done it before in your life? lol just curious. :eek:
  14. turtleie

    GN Boxers (I know there's other threads about this... read it anyways!)

    I found some old threads comparing the goodnites briefs and the boxers, but nobody has really said anything about the boxers, its all about the briefs. So, has anyone tried them, and if so, if you can fit into the briefs with a bit of a stretch, can you fit into the boxers? Im going on a diaper...
  15. turtleie

    Question for all of the DLs out there...

    This one is for DLs Is it just me, or does it seem that after you're done with you diaper, and 'releasing all of your sexual urges' :sweatdrop: that you just feel weird and like you have no need to ever wear a diaper again? But then after like 5 mins, it all comes back, kinda like a cycle. Just...
  16. turtleie

    Can wearing 24/7 make you incon?

    I know that after years and years of doing it, it can eventually happen, but what if you do it only a few days a week? Will you loose all bladder control, or will you still be okay? What does everyone think? PS. Talking about wetting only here.....
  17. turtleie

    Buying diapers for the first time in a store

    So... im finally gonna do it. I have the money, and I plan to buy a pack of goodnites at the grocery store. I live in a town with basically nothing except 2 grocery stores. So, is there any advice, as I am REALLY nervous. I'll be walking there and back about 2 miles. Thanks. Ps... i know that...
  18. turtleie

    Curse Bedwetting Trance Thingy?

    Anybody have any experience with the Curse Bedwetting file? I just tried it for the first time and it worked, which is great!, But now Im a little afraid that it might work during the day or something. Any thoughts? :sweatdrop:
  19. turtleie

    Question about a dog....

    First off i know this is unrelated to the rest of this site, but thats why it in the off-topic section! Anyways, I was thinking about getting a siberian husky because they have the perfect personality, but the only problem is that I l know they were bred to be in the snow, but I live in the...
  20. turtleie

    New goodnites?

    I was in the store and saw out of the corner of my eye that the small goodnites have new prints. Does anybody know where on the internet I can find picd of these?? Just curious, Thanks!