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  1. andysetra

    Hi again

    I'm not sure if anyone here will remember me, I used to be on here a few years ago. I got super busy in life and sort of lost interest for awhile, but I'm back! Let's see...I'm a DL, but I also have some other AB-ish interests at times. I never know what else to put in these things, so....
  2. andysetra

    Post Colour

    So, I've been posting red / dark red since ADISC became ADISC - I just really like the colour. But now I've started to wonder if it's annoying to others. I use dark_vb but sometimes switch over to default just to mix it up. So what do you guys think?
  3. andysetra

    Unable to browse 'away' members?

    I found myself wondering whatever happened to a certain member on the forums here (who I haven't seen much of lately), but when I go the Members List section and browse for him, he's not there - presumably because his member status is 'away'. Why is it that members who are away don't show up...
  4. andysetra

    Colours in posts...

    So, first off, I know this thread is very self-centered. This is me admitting that...get over it :-P Anyway, I've always posted in the dark red colour since the site changed to ADISC, but lately I've been trying a lighter colour to make it easier to read. I guess I can't really be a good judge...
  5. andysetra

    Bad Habits

    So, I have this bad habit of biting off any skin from my lower lip that I can. In the summer this isn't really a problem, but now that it's getting cold (and dry) outside, my lips are chapping like mad - and I can't get myself to stop biting! Right now it's burning and I still have the urge to...
  6. andysetra

    Snow! (Hey oh!) - The official "I hate winter" thread

    So, it finally snowed where I live. I get to experience the desolate cold and sheet ice roads now... Anyone else look outside their window to something like this? :frown:
  7. andysetra

    The death of spelling?

    I was reading digg today on my lunch break and ran into this article (Link). So a professor from the UK wants the English speaking world to lower itself to text messaging standards...:confused: I think we would lose the artistic side to the English language, as well as the ability to present...
  8. andysetra

    Hi again

    Well, I haven't been here for a week or so, and apparently I need to post a new thread in here in order to do stuff ummm, hey all! :P
  9. andysetra

    I'm baack

    Well..I guess I never left. But I'm back again, anyway :D Hmm...I reeeeaaaally don't want to do another introduction so I'll be short and sweet. I'm a DL, but like some things TB/AB(footed sleeper and blanket) - and I agree with Kraiden about the stereotype that goes along with AB (uggh). I'm...