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  1. AgentRoswald

    Words with Friends

    Anyone else horribly addicted to the game "Words with Friends?" I've already got 5 games going!
  2. AgentRoswald

    TSA Strikes Again

    TSA Confiscates Mentally Challenged Man’s Toy « Hot Air This incident is absolutely deplorable.
  3. AgentRoswald


    So is anyone here going to TimeGate - the Doctor Who/Stargate/Sci-Fi convention in Atlanta this weekend? I love both and had no idea there was a convention specifically for them!
  4. AgentRoswald

    Book Found At Local Goodwill

    Check out what book I found at a local Goodwill store:
  5. AgentRoswald

    Furry Wedding Reception

    Hey guys, I saw this Russian Furry Wedding Reception video on G4's "Around the Net" segment and thought I'd share it here: YouTube - A Russian Furry Wedding Reception
  6. AgentRoswald

    Overheard in Target

    So I was at Target today looking at the cool new geeky t-shirts when I overheard a kid of about 5/6 say "Ooo! Diapers!" His mother promptly said "No you can't get those. You are a big kid now and they are not for you." It was cute but I kinda felt bad for him. Poor kid.
  7. AgentRoswald

    Diaper Vending Machine at KC Airport

    Last week I was flying out of the Kansas City Airport on my way back home to Nashville when I noticed they had a DIAPER vending machine! Not like the ones you see in Wal-Mart restrooms, but a full-blown candy-style vending machine (with the clear front) filled with baby diapers, wipes, powder...
  8. AgentRoswald

    Angry Birds

    Is anyone else here insanely addicted to this stupid phone game?! I can't seem to put it down cuz I have to kill all the egg-stealing pigs! :-P
  9. AgentRoswald


    In just a few short days, Dragon*Con (the mother of all conventions on the east coast) will be taking place in Atlanta, GA. With that said, will anyone be going? If so, will you be in costume? I'll be there with my girlfriend and I'm bringing a biker scout costume...and maybe something from...
  10. AgentRoswald

    Hi :-)

    Hey guys, My name is Johnny and I'm a DL from Nashville, TN. Hoping to be part of this cool community :-)