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    Good Bye and Thank You So Much

    I came in here to keep working at understanding my husband while finding a way to have a voice in my marriage. Something somewhat close to equal satisfaction. I am doing my best, you all have been so great, but I guess we need the other party for things to work. He is busy behind a curtain of...
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    Diapers and breastfeeding/nursing question

    Hi all, This is kind of an intimate topic but I took time to try to build the guts to ask. I have been having a thought for a long time. As you guys might know from previous posts, my husband is ADHD and wears diapers, which I have supported believing that everyone has a right to comfort. We...
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    Marriage/Diapers/ and a healthy sex life

    I bumped into this forum when I found the thread about practical aspects in marriage of diapers. I am the non wearer and I am not quite sure to be. I am from Europe, so please forgive if I do not find the right English some times. My husband told me about them when we met. My...