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    My first experience wearing adult diapers

    The mind is a complex thing. So far I have filled my bladder to the point of discomfort where my body has the pressure to release, but when I relax nothing flows. I also tried peeing sitting down in a chair, relaxed, and opened the gate and nothing, but moved to the nearby toilet seat and did...
  2. J

    My first experience wearing adult diapers

    Sounds to me like love at first encounter. Anyway, glad you adjusted and are comfortable with your new experience. I can feel the way your felt and Yes you described it well. Thanks for sharing your first and second time. I have to admit it does not feel bad at all to be in a wet nappy, but...
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    I have a suggestion how to celebrate Independence Day

    Sounds like Jerry Seinfeld reluctantly loaning his swim trunks to Kramer, as his reason was "I don't want your boys in my trunks" and of course Kramer taking offense to the remark as he was trying to get Jerry to admit to himself that there is something wrong with his own genitals. Anyway, most...
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    I finally did it!

    I was able to pee in public. I was sitting at my favorite hangout at the bar stool and was able to let some out! Boy it felt so good. When I got home I peed the rest out, and slept in my wet comfy diaper till morning.
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    I have a suggestion how to celebrate Independence Day

    Just thought I would make a suggestion for all those who now go 24/7 on diapers and no undies anymore, is that on July 4th we all get rid of our old underwear and make it so we don't own them anymore. Burn, throw out, give to goodwill etc. all on Independence Day and celebrate!:smile: Make our...
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    finding ways of practicing wearing diapers around others

    I wear them now 24/7! I cannot wait to get rid of all of my drawer full of briefs as I would like to commenmorate my full time use of diapers and the no longer using my underwear with like a ceremony. At work too I have no problem and even when I sit at the bar in Hooters.
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    Why do i hide. My diaper life

    I feel like wearing them is like the old saying "Girding my loins" as I feel more at peace in them. However, I am a practicing Catholic (don't worry I am not saying this to evangelize here just to state who I am) and though feel peace toward my maker, I still wonder about when I wear them in...
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    A question for 'fetishists'

    Yes its like a new forum of underwear for some. However, some models on diapermess take it too far. Like the other Nikki who is a major contributer to that particular site is a total user. She is a cute petite girl, but uses her underwear to do both acts of using the restroom and the numerous...
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    Why do i hide. My diaper life

    I am wondering if I hide mine not out of shame as one would think, but because its something that I enjoy doing as an individual. I was thinking that if I told a girl I met I have wear diapers and she did accept it, I probably could not because I feel that doing so would ruin the great moments...
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    A question for 'fetishists'

    I actually got turned on to it in chaturbate as one trans model on their wore it as part of her show until cb rules state no adbl on there. But anyway, I found a porn site called that uses it for fetish although the models all testify they were them off camera and tell their...
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    CVS mens underwear and they so far not only feel comfy cause they are almost soaked, but because it held it in over Walgreens brand. I wet this morning in it a little as I did not want to leak, so I went to the toilet and let out the rest there. Came back and later a few minutes had to go...
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    I just bought CVS brand, and they fit snuggly around me. Much better than Walgreens as theirs had on last nights pair the absorbent material fall apart. Good thing I did not use it or else my pants would of gotten a soaking. In fact I had an issue with mine a couple of nights ago as I wet the...
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    An introduction to wearing diapers

    Great work! Yes we should explore the depths of what it is to wear these and learn more about incontinence. I just started wearing mine, I am not incontinent yet, but a few times when with the stomach flu or when I fart I can make a mess without control. Though the latter is little, but...
  14. J

    tomorrow will start 24/7

    Well am happy for you! I am sitting here in a wet diaper I just did after waking up. Sleep was good, but I can relate as no more undies for me either. I gave them up last week for full time as well. I do not have conditions like you, but love the wearing and being able to find many others...
  15. J

    so relaxed, dry at the moment but thatll change

    Wow fantastic! I can feel almost your feeling it all as you tell it. I love how you just relaxed and enjoyed it all and actually went again. Must be super absorbent.
  16. J

    Hello All

    Welcome Nancy. Hope you like it here. I am new and so far loving it and hearing other people's stories about the diaper thing. I myself have just decided to go 24/7 in nappies, but still have not decided on the right one yet. I am still experimenting in the using part as I still have not...
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    so relaxed, dry at the moment but thatll change

    Gee SC you really love your diapers. Its like you are reborn. I myself must admit I feel like a new person too. I just wet mine while doing research on line, but mine leaked a few drops, so I must look for better brands as having those leaks does take the fun out of wearing them. Glad you...
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    night one with a diaper on the books

    Happy for you. The way you described it you can tell it was beyond amazing! Well I hope tonight you have a great experience too.
  19. J

    Would you recommend cloth or disposable to a beginner?

    Yes wait a bit get comfy first and only get a kick out of what you do if you want to do it, not to please me or to experience what others do here. You most likely want them for a reason, discover that reason without help (unless you ask for it) and then enjoy. For me it is a wonderful...
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    I am new but also sharing advice on how to overcome it if you desire as I did

    To me I would do what I do and offer it to the Lord. Wearing diapers is not a sin, as all it is an undergarment with padding. Well if you do it to promote sexual desires like the owner of some diaper lover porn sites do, then yes. I used to pee my pants at home after I came home from High...