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  1. J

    I finally did it!

    I was able to pee in public. I was sitting at my favorite hangout at the bar stool and was able to let some out! Boy it felt so good. When I got home I peed the rest out, and slept in my wet comfy diaper till morning.
  2. J

    I have a suggestion how to celebrate Independence Day

    Just thought I would make a suggestion for all those who now go 24/7 on diapers and no undies anymore, is that on July 4th we all get rid of our old underwear and make it so we don't own them anymore. Burn, throw out, give to goodwill etc. all on Independence Day and celebrate!:smile: Make our...
  3. J

    Hello a DL from Florida

    I am new here and just started wearing and wetting my diapers. I have worn them before and never used them, but after going on line to I began to wet and wear them that way as the models there, especially the owner Nat do that. Some girls love to sleep and wet them and go out to...