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    Tena Silhouette refresh, new Noir type

    Seems Tena have repackaged their Silhouette range of pull ups in to a slightly more classy pack, possibly in response to the Boutique range from Always. More excitingly, there is now an all-black Noir type. Not very babyish but looks rather lovely with some black lingerie...
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    Always 'Boutique' Pull Ups

    These look sort of like a much cuter version of the Depend ones: I'm a big fan of their low rise pull ups, both as a wearer and on my OH. These...
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    Free pack of 10/12 Always Pull-ups (UK)

    Print a coupon for £6.50 off here: Currently reduced to £6.49/£6.50 at all the major supermarkets (except Waitrose where they're buy one get one half price). I'm a big fan of these, the new designs with the ribbon are adorable.
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    "New Lower Rise" Always Discreet Underwear

    Just been made aware of these: They look adorable! Has anyone seen them out in the wild? Tried them perhaps... Really hope they come over here.
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    DryNites - new packaging, new designs?

    I noticed today in Boots a couple of packs of DryNites had a different design of packaging. They were Boys 4-7 ones, so I didn't bother buying - but new waves of packaging normally coincide with new designs. DryNites' own website hasn't been updated yet.
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    Done with NHS Supply Chain.

    For the last couple of years I've been in receipt of Euron/ID Slip pads/nappies through the NHS. I love the NHS, and it pains me to complain about the service but I feel I really have no choice now but to stop using them for my supplies. Until recently I was self-employed, which meant I had the...
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    New adult printed pull -ups in the UK from Always

    It seems P&G/always are moving in on SCA/Tena. Always now are doing a pull-up nappy. Just bought a pack today at Tesco. Feels really nice but the absolute best thing about them is the scent, smells wonderful! At the same Tesco they had Tena printed underwear reduced to £1.75/pack!
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    Tena Pants Maxi

    Just noticed there is now a 'Maxi' variant of Tena Pants. I've ordered a sample. I've yet to try a Pull Up type product which is any good absorbency wise - I do like Tena's designs a lot though.
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    Boots StayDry Survey

    An interesting e-mail arrived today from Boots. I was invited to take part in a survey "regarding the healthcare products I've purchased in the last year". Major props to Boots for not using the word incontinence in an e-mail to me; I was at work and even though I'm sure nobody else was...
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    Wooo, I now fit in DryNites again :D

    Got a sample Girls 8-15 DryNites and I'm thrilled that I fit back in them again. This time a year ago that absolutely was not happening, so must've lost at least a little weight.
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    Disposable Availability in Sheffield / UK Retail Availability

    Exciting(ish) news: ASDA Handsworth (off the Parkway in Sheffield) has Tena Slip Supers in stock on the aisle with the Pharmacy on (handily adjacent to the self scans!) at £18. Now just need them to get Maxis!! DryNites are cheap at the moment at Sainsburys (£3.92) and Asda (£4). Unfortunately...
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    How long can you wear a nappy for?

    My girlfriend put me in the one I'm wearing at about 3am, and it's now coming up to 4pm - I usually get irritated by now but I'm okay, gonna see if I can make it close to 24hours. What's the longest you've worn for?
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    DL from the UK

    Hello! I'm a 22 year old DL/AB (but mainly DL) living in Sheffield, UK. I got obsessed with nappies while exploring porn on KaZaA in my early teens - I wanted to try it as soon as I saw it. It didn't disappoint. I gave up with it, I guess sometime between being 16 and 17 as I just didn't want...