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  1. Slip92

    Endorsement in a safe environment

    When I was in my youth (mid 2000s), my mum used to attend a Saturday morning coffee club for single parents in the UK where there was also a youth club for the kids, several of whom had autism/adhd and were obviously still using nappies. I was too in nappies for my bladder incontinence and the...
  2. Slip92

    Accidents in public

    Queuing up to pay in Lidl sandwiched between two other families, felt a severe urge to go and made the fatal mistake of trying to let a little bit out to ease some of the pressure. Absolutely backfired - loudest, liquidy accident in a long time that turned heads - in moments of anxiety I will...
  3. Slip92

    diaper family

    110% fake Look, I’m 24/7 and happily fill my nappies with no shame and extreme pride and I’d never ever consider getting rid of my toilet because sometimes you just dont feel like wearing!
  4. Slip92

    Is it common to simultaneously wet when messing?

    If I have an IBS attack, I will always wet myself too out of anxiety!
  5. Slip92

    People Just Don't Say Anything About Your Diapers Do They?

    When I’m feeling mischievous, I love going out wearing a semi-noticeable medical nappy with a couple of boosters thrown in - for me, its the best combination as if somebody notices they will automatically assume its for medical need!
  6. Slip92

    People Just Don't Say Anything About Your Diapers Do They?

    In my experience, you’re more likely to get caught/noticed in a medical nappy as opposed to an ABDL nappy, which could be easily mistaken for underwear by the unassuming eye. A bright green/purple/blue medical nappy is far more obvious to an onlooker!
  7. Slip92

    Strange color inside my NEW Vintage Goodnites! Please help.

    Exactly the same issue with vintage drynites in europe - theyre safe to use!
  8. Slip92

    Best way to mess?

    Liquid glycerin + warm water enema = ultimate explosion!
  9. Slip92

    Daily Life of a Live-In Caregiver / Companion

    Thanks for your wonderful insight - my question is, how does your schedule vary if something unexpected happens or if you’re spending the day in public?
  10. Slip92

    ABDL Ireland

    Hello to the other ABDL that was visiting the Nappy Shop in Swords the other day! You probably need to find some less bulky nappies to wear under your jeans though 😂
  11. Slip92

    Loud or quiet filling?

    A simple question - do you prefer a loud or silent filling of your nappy? For me, louder the better - I love it when the noise of my incontinence makes me realise I probably need a nappy change!
  12. Slip92

    Experience with other family members in diapers

    My brother wore Drynites until he was 13 - always felt like injustice to me as I was put into full incontinence nappies 24/7 from age 11 following a trip to the incontinence nurse!
  13. Slip92

    Stool staining on plastic pants

    All of my plastic pants as a kid had brown stained leg holes from where I relentlessly filled my nappies overnight - my brothers were always whiter than white as he only wet at night!
  14. Slip92

    How did the medical profession “introduce” you to diapers?

    I’ve got 500 of them stored in my attic!
  15. Slip92

    How did the medical profession “introduce” you to diapers?

    When I was around 11, I attended the paediatric continence clinic at the big hospital in the next town along. It was on a Thirsdsy morning and I knew something was up as mum announced we were going to see a special nurse and I had to wear my drynites to go and see her. No problems really as my...
  16. Slip92

    What diaper brands can I get in the UK

    Why not support your local mobility shop and visit in person to buy? When I was travelling for business, I used to scour the UK and visit such shops to buy my nappies and have amassed a huge variety of historic nappies that have spent years stored in their stockrooms!
  17. Slip92

    Aldi (UK/Ireland) Night Pants

    Aldi are stocking their own brand Night Pants - saw the age 4-7 ones in my local store in Ireland today for €2.99 a pack. The manufacturer on the side is “ONTEX BV” so they’re presumably repackaged ID Comforts!
  18. Slip92

    Diapers when a pullup would work

    As my mum once said to me when putting me into bedwetting nappies as a kid.... “Pull ups are nappies for people that pretend that they dont need nappies when they definitely need nappies, so just wear normal nappies!” 😆
  19. Slip92

    Thoughts on leggings.

    As an ex boy ballet dancer, tights and leggings were part and parcel of growing up. We used to go to dance competitions 2 hours car ride away and after the day was finished it was almost a given that I would fall asleep and wet myself in the car - we had a well rehearsed routine where mum would...
  20. Slip92


    No chance - she would strip me of my nappies in an instant!