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  1. Abdljosh


    Its been a few years since I've been active here on Adisc, but I'm here again hoping to make some social connections and some online buddies.
  2. Abdljosh

    New Avatar

    Well after becoming even more paranoid, I decided to finally change my avatar to something that wouldn't directly relate who I am in real life with my online self. I want to be as true and as direct as possible, with the online golden rule of "If I wouldn't say it in real life, I wouldn't say it...
  3. Abdljosh

    Canker Sores

    Hey all, I was just wondering if anyone else suffers or is even bothered by canker sores. I have them all the time and always at least 2 at a time. Right now I have 3, 2 of them are pretty mature, but there's a baby one just beginning to show signs of pain. If anyone has experience with these...
  4. Abdljosh

    My first completed drawing

    Okay, well this isn't my first, but its the first one I'm submitting to the internet. Though, it is the first time that I've actually gone so far as to color and shade it. I had a lot of inspiration from Red Bull :P and of course other artists who know who they are. Anyway I was so proud of...
  5. Abdljosh

    Netflix to offer Video Games + wider range of instant play

    Here is a blog post directly from Netflix Its basically an apology and an explanation of the change of service all the subscribers had to go through about 2 months ago. As a subscriber, you should know by now that you are...
  6. Abdljosh

    Babyfur art

    So I've been trying for so long to draw my own furry picture, but I seem to lose confidence when I'm not even half way through the drawing. I'd rather not ask someone else to make one for me, as jealous as I am of their talent, but I would just have a greater sense of self fulfillment if I made...
  7. Abdljosh

    Should I be worried about leaving diapers in the car?

    Well its hot as hell outside and today I went in my car after it had been left in the sun for hours. It was at least 110 degrees in the car and the metal parts were way too hot to touch. Just wondering if this could cause damage to diapers I leave in the trunk of the car. There are no open...
  8. Abdljosh

    I really want a 3DS

    So now that they lowered the price to something reasonable and games are coming out that offer much more online multi-player flexibility I was wondering if its even worth it. I'm not so much a fanatic of the 3D quality of the games more over than I am about the fact that new games will...
  9. Abdljosh

    Where should I order from?

    I'm planning on ordering diapers soon and I'm still having a bit of a hard time deciding what to get. In my experience, I've tried Abena Abri-form M4's they were a little big on me (the top tapes would almost touch each other), but they were just dreamy. Other than that I haven't really had any...
  10. Abdljosh

    Need help getting a PO Box

    So I'm really desperate to get my hands on Abena again (haven't had them in since March), but I can't just have them delivered to my door. So, the one solution that comes to mind is getting a PO Box, but I'm a bit confused about it. So far I've only really seen that USPS offers PO Box usage...
  11. Abdljosh

    I bought diapers today

    So I went to this medical supply store today; I go about once every few months for Secure Plus diapers because my other local sources were out of the diapers I wanted. When I went to the register to buy my diapers, the cashier asks "you want just one?" I tell her "Yes, just one" "You know if...
  12. Abdljosh

    Becoming a Furry/Babyfur/diaperfur

    So I've seen the community of furries for quite a while now and I don't know too much about them, but I absolutely love the artwork and the whole anthropomorphic idea. I'm still vastly exploring where I would like to fit into this community and could use a little help. When I first thought of...
  13. Abdljosh


    If no one has ever watched this show, your really missing out! For those that do watch the show, by now you know that you probably relate yourself to Dexter in a lot of ways. The show is about a psychopathic man who has an irresistible urge to kill. Growing up, he has learned, with the...
  14. Abdljosh


    Hello, I'm abdljosh, and as you can guess from my screen name, my actualy name is Josh and I'd prefer to be called just that. I'm an intorverted, quiet person. I'm generally calm and relaxed and love to play it easy when I can, in other words I avoid personal drama at all costs. If you get to...