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    Effective way of Multi-layer diapering

    This allows urine to flow thru easily, compare to cutting slits.
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    Plastic Pants seams

    I'm having problems with the plastic pants seams at my leg area, it's rubbing against my skin & making it really uncomfortable. However i still like to wear plastic pants with disposable diapers. Any advise i tried powder, oil & rolling it up doesn't help me.
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    Diaper bulk trick

    Have anyone try this before? soak a baby diapers with water and then stuffed it into your diaper with the asorbent part against the inner backing of the diaper.
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    Ozone layer

    Are the diapers we throw away, harming the enviroment? :sad:
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    Hi All

    Hi, I'm 20 this year living in singapore currently in the army. I always wear my diapers during the weekend especially at nite when i'm sleeping. I like to wake up with the warm feeling of pee in my diapers. Wish to know frenz that is in singapore.