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    um hi ^ ^;

    hiya im a newbie too lol welcome
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    i went to school in diapers today

    be careful with wearing them 24/7 cuz you could lose something that might be useful at certain points in your life
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    Hey Whats Up

    well thats no cool stage manager is were its at, i was assistant stage manager back stage cuz our last play was a musical and it was all girls lol
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    hi there
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    Hey Whats Up

    yeah mandy im an actor are you a techie lol i think thats what it says on your little sign
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    Hey Whats Up

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    Hey Whats Up

    Hey there, im new here if you hadnt guessed. Im a TB/DL still working up the courage to go and by my first package lol. Um fun facts im a thespian *cough* not a lesbian as most people joke, i sail, like to read, video games and play golf. lol so if you wanna talk hit me up