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    Strangest thing happened last night

    Ok maybe it isn't THE strangest thing, but it was odd to say the least. I went to bed in a cloth diaper as it was very hot. I don't use my cloth diaper, rather only wear them for their comfort, meaning no plastic pants. At some point in the night I actually ended up wetting....while sleeping...
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    Stupid stupid stupid. Busted!

    Alright so a quick backstory. I have had a girlfriend for the last year and a half and for the last month I have wanted to tell her about my special quirk. Well last night felt like the night I was going to sack up and do it, but as zero hour drew near I knew I was gonna chicken out. Except...
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    hey guys, as one can guess I am new to the forums. I'm a 21 year old so-cal guy working on going up north to study molecular biology and play college football at UC Berkeley. Ironically enough, the big and tough football player likes to wear diapers for sheer enjoyment. Furthermore, I'm also...