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  1. polybackdave

    Hello Diaper Lovers

    @zultan, thanks. I do have some other hobbies. I like games, movies, and bar hopping. I see you are also into games. I can't wait for skyrim either. I still play Oblivion and have put at least 350+ hours into that game. It is one of my all time favorites. I own almost every console. Just...
  2. polybackdave

    Diaper Bargains

    cool, thanks
  3. polybackdave

    Hello Diaper Lovers

    Hey Guys, PolyBackDave here and I just wanted to say Hello and introduce myself as a diaper lover. I enjoy plastic diapers as they are the best “for me anyway”. My favorite brand is the Active Ultra Plus. I found them on this site I guess about a year ago. I never joined the site but I have...