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  1. Ampelwindel

    Onesies Downunder

    Apologies if this doesn't fit in the "Diaper Talk" section, but it's not exactly AB either. I'm trying to find out which size to buy and as we all know, sizing guides are rough guidelines at best. If I'm to go on my actual dimensions (6', 34"ish waist, and 42" chest), XL would fit, but I'm...
  2. Ampelwindel

    Did Snaps4U Go Under

    Their website returns a 404 error. Their Ebay store is empty and they don't answer messages. Did they stop making stuff? More importantly, where can I go to get a Batman, Mario, or Zelda onesie?
  3. Ampelwindel

    Another Post About Spouses

    Hey guys, changed my username. (Windel is German for diaper) We see these all the time, but I suppose it's one of those perennial issues among diaper lovers; how can we get our spouses to play along. Two years ago, before I told my wife, I would have counted myself lucky to have even continue...
  4. Ampelwindel

    No water

    My neighborhood water main broke so I don't have running water. That means three great things: 1. I can't do the dishes. 2. I only have beer to drink now. 3. I can't pee in the toilet. So, I'm on the couch playing Civ, sipping an ice cold Kölsch, in a Dry 24/7 and no one can get mad at me...
  5. Ampelwindel

    Reflections on Samples

    I ordered 5 samples from XP Medical. Dry 24/7 M, Dry 24/7 L, Seni Quattro L, Tena Stretch M/R, and Abena M3. I have the following reflections. I tend to experiment with mediums and larges as a tall dude with an average waistline (~34-35"). Dry 24/7 M: Great great diaper. These are my new...
  6. Ampelwindel

    Thinking of Buying Some Cloth AIOs

    I found a handful of Star Wars AIO diapers and being a HUGE Star Wars fan and wanting a diaper that matches my footies, I'm seriously considering buying one or two of them. So, reviews of cloth diapers are scarce. I found conflicting reviews about Dependeco, and I'd like to get a straight...
  7. Ampelwindel

    Star Wars

    I have this problem that's been developing with age and that's that I fall asleep in movies. So, to mitigate that, I usually drink a lot of soda during movies at the theater. This of course leads to another problem; then I have to get up and pee. The Force Awakens comes out soon and I really...
  8. Ampelwindel

    Diaper rash

    I know there's a current thread with a similar title, but my problem's a little different. I've had this itch off and on between my right thigh and crotch for about a month. Yesterday I noticed some pink discoloration at the site. I'm wondering if this is just diaper rash or an actual...
  9. Ampelwindel

    24/7 and Married

    So, for those of you who are not incontinent and wear 24/7, how many of you are married or living with someone else? If you did it since being together, how'd thry take the transition?
  10. Ampelwindel

    Where are the other company reps?

    So, it's clear that Casey from ABU is an active member on here, taking feedback, and communicating with us, but where are the Bambino, Snuggies/Tykables, and everyone else reps on here?
  11. Ampelwindel

    Upcoming 24/7 binge

    So, coming soon, I'll have a rare opportunity to go 24/7 for about 3 weeks. I was initially not planning on wearing to work, but I figure either some kind of disposable underwear or something thin and cloth backed with a pair of underwear overtop should be plenty thin and quiet. The only problem...
  12. Ampelwindel

    Went to the next level with my wife

    I'll keep this as PG13 as possible, because it could easily get out of hand. Yesterday, my wife and I were having a lazy day, lounging around in footie pajamas, and I was wearing a diaper with her blessing. Until yesterday, we had a policy that the diapers came off before we fooled around...
  13. Ampelwindel

    Aww So Cute - Jumpin Jammerz Connection

    So, after some research, I found out that Jumpin Jammerz and Aww So Cute are two separate corporations incorporated by the same two guys, Tom and Steve (Same last name redacted). Did anyone else know this? Also, what the hell, Aww So Cute?! All I want is a set of your dino pajamas! Is it too...
  14. Ampelwindel

    Abenas near Puget Sound

    If you're fortunate enough to live near Tacoma and Olympia, WA, then I have good news for you: Martin's Southgate Drug at 5201 Capitol Blvd SE Tumwater, WA 98501 carries Abena 3s and 4s for comparable prices to XPMedical. I know this is beneficial to a very small group of people on here, but I...
  15. Ampelwindel

    Bachelor til Monday

    My wife's accross the country til Monday. I said something to a guy at work about being a bachelor all weekend. He asked if I planned anything special. I said "I'll probably just sit around in my own filth." He laughed, but I'm sure he has no idea, and here I am in an M4, devouring a medium...
  16. Ampelwindel

    Attends and other musings

    I should have known better. They suck. I bought 6 sample packs of different diapers from XP. Today I went into my office to get some work done and brought an M4, a Seni, and one Attends. Well, I'm glad my chair is black because the Attends didn't stand a chance. Hopefully my khaki shorts dry...
  17. Ampelwindel

    The Super Bowl

    I so don't care about it, and the madness that overtakes our country when it comes makes me hate it. I am looking forward to ~830 PST when it's over.
  18. Ampelwindel

    When you're sick

    It's that time of year with lots of colds and flus going around. When you're home sick, do you find yourselves taping (or pinning) up more often than not. For me, that's when I get a 100% free pass from my wife to diaper up. This of course does not apply to the 24/7 crowd.
  19. Ampelwindel

    An ideal time for diapers

    My wife and I are staying at my aunt's house for a few days. Last night, my aunt got us a little drunk on wine. When I say a little drunk, I mean I got buzzed and my wife got tanked. It's an issue of body mass. Still, I woke up in the middle of the night with an unbelievable need to pee. It was...
  20. Ampelwindel

    Good Diaper for Wearing in Public

    After my surgery I spent two weeks indoors, basically diapered 24/7 and only wearing pajamas. So, I had no qualms about wearing my Bambinos or the fact that they are possibly the least discreet diapers on the market. I was wearing one this morning and decided to go run some errands. Alas, my...