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  1. LittleMiss

    What are the 5 AB items you "can't live without"?

    So, I was wondering what people's top 5 favorite AB items are/ what are the 5 AB things that you can't live without? here are mine! 1) paci/blankie (I keep my pacis clipped to a blankie so I can snuggle and suck at the same time) 2) one of my stuffed animals (if I had to pick one I'd probably...
  2. LittleMiss

    Accidentally wet the bed. Help?

    Ok, so, I was padded and layin in bed and I accidentally leaked really badly out of the front of my diaper and didn't realize it until I got up. So I toweled up as much as I could, sprayed some Lysol on it, and then put down some of that cat litter anti-odor baking soda stuff to try and soak up...
  3. LittleMiss

    New Sippy Cup Help

    Hey everybody!! So I'm looking at picking up some new sippy cups :) I'm getting a Disney Princess one, a Winnie the Pooh one and a Hello Kitty one. I want to get two more and have already picked the style, now here's the question:Should I get the pack with blue dinosaurs or pink forest animals...
  4. LittleMiss

    What should I do?

    So I slept through when my class would have been today. Now at the time of the last class I was actually not feeling well and couldn't connect to the website to email my teacher so I had a friend in the class tell her why I wasn't there. But today I wanted to go to school, set my alarm to go to...
  5. LittleMiss

    Hiya :3

    Hullo everybody! well I'm new (dur) and soooo about me? I'm an 18 year old college student. I don't really know what I'm going for yet, there are waaaaaay too many things I wanna do to choose, but right now I'm leaning towards Anthropology. especially Forensic Anthropology! I'm here cuz this...