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    Six Word Stories. Tell Yours!

    Holy cow! What a great idea!
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    I've been thinking of coming out to my parents.

    I disagree. But before I go further, a disclaimer: I do not have much experience in the gay, transgender, or "anything of that nature" realm(s). I don't know exactly what is meant by "coming out". I thought this meant telling someone you trusted something very personal which was taboo or...
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    feeling paranoid

    I wouldn't leave anything on my computer that I thought could be easily scanned for...
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    Any Real Life Friends Know Your Secret?

    Father, girlfriend, and 4 friends.
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    Whats the youngest age anybody has ever assumed/guessed you were

    I'm 24 and always get: "Are you in high school?" Super annoying.
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    Looks like the conversation closed a few months back. :/ I found it though! I don't wear briefs...

    Looks like the conversation closed a few months back. :/ I found it though! I don't wear briefs anymore (although, I made the switch to boxer-briefs around 14 or 15 -- like others, b/c of peer pressure). I'm mostly just into diapers -- although I prefer to have underwear on over them (holds them...
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    Sorry, haven't been on here in forever. Can't find the question you asked... hopefully you found...

    Sorry, haven't been on here in forever. Can't find the question you asked... hopefully you found an answer. O.o Don't know when I'll be back on, but if you still have a question, I can try to answer it the next time I'm on.
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    US changing places

    I would clean anything I was about to use...
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    telling a friend

    Could be a good discussion for mutual friends. Could also get really awkward. Sounds like she might be interested in you -- at least in your sexuality. I would make sure she knows ahead of time that you don't want to get in between her and her boyfriend (if you don't) and then tread carefully...
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    What to do in this situation

    Yeah, "tbhg box" shows bambinos as #1 on an unbiased Google search. You would think they could do something about getting that abbreviation stifled online... then again, this thread might show up in consequent searches if we say "the bottom half group" enough. =P So, she knows, maybe. Sounds...
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    Someone Else

    On here... its like having a network of friends I can talk about whatever with. =P In real life... I dunno. :/ (I bet it would be a kind of weird, frightening, and awesome feeling all at the same time.)
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    The "D" word

    Heh... I was in one of those situations recently. It was super awkward even though the one person who did know didn't let on that he did. It was the best I could do to avoid turning red -- there's just something about the way the media turns a story that puts my limited personal acceptance on...
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    New to entire forum, looking for balance in faith.

    I think figuring out whether or not God is okay with your diaper use is a very important thing to consider. Personally, I think using a diaper is about the same as using the toilet... society just prefers one over the other. Also, I don't think people using diapers is something that God worries...
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    The "D" word

    Saying diaper(s) on ADISC is no problem for me. Talking about "them" in real life is just too much of a paranoia overload. I do worry about saying diaper(s) too much when I post simply because I worry I will sound a little too enthusiastic. =P Also, if I use a word too many times in a paragraph...
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    New to entire forum, looking for balance in faith.

    No problem. As I said, we are here for you. (And, I believe God has led each of us to this place of fellow-travelers for a purpose.) Cycling and hiking are awesome! And I couldn't agree more that the outdoors is a very exposed, vulnerable place to be using the bathroom. I'm not quite sure I...
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    Diapered at the movies....share your experience

    I usually need to go every 90 minutes or so (sometimes a mere half hour after a bathroom break). Not saying I represent the movie-going population but, it is an all day long (and sometimes all night long) kind of thing.
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    New to entire forum, looking for balance in faith.

    Greetings and welcome! I think I can follow Khaymen in saying I am of the more conservative type of Christian (although, really solid conservatives will not see me that way at all =P). This has been a great site for me since I can both offer my opinions/experiences to others and receive feedback...
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    Wearing for my boyfriend

    Wow. Thanks for all the replies. I figured communication was the key word. =P And, taking things slow. Which is depressing but also a no brainer. I just keep trying to tell myself I could give up diapers to be with her... but I don't know if I can. I think I would just live a super stressed...
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    Wearing for my boyfriend

    I am hoping time will make a difference, but I am also considering that we may just need to find a compromise. We had been together for several years before I told her and have had a few years since then... I have tried not to be too verbal but I worry that she won't understand how much this...
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    Wearing for my boyfriend

    Wow. I wish my girlfriend was as accepting as others' are. It is SO cool that some people are willing to at least try this sort of thing for their boyfriend. I would try anything for my girlfriend (although there are some things she likes, like roller coasters, that I can't do... even though I...