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  1. Virtual_Gravity_27

    Tips for stopping Leaks???

    This is upsetting a little to hear :( I reallllly love my medium Rearz safari. But yeah, I'm actually like a size 29-30 waist (skinny) and mediums are for....32"+ But I'm also wanting a diaper that comes up high past my belly button. These were great...... Has anyone tried doing this...
  2. Virtual_Gravity_27

    Tips for stopping Leaks???

    Edit: Also, I'm not a huge fan of plastic pants. Looking for anything else. Shouldn't a diaper just work?? I really, really, really want so bad to relax into the fetish like a baby, and not worry about leaks. I currently use rearz safari, (I thought they were the best, right??), And tape...
  3. Virtual_Gravity_27

    So my friend "came out"

    I have to wonder, Why aren't the companies making any printed pull-ups? Larger style little kid pull ups that were very similar would totally appeal more to littles (even 5 or 6 year old littles) Who might not want diapers....But would be OK with pullups, or maybe a pull up at night. I just...
  4. Virtual_Gravity_27

    Suggestions? - Your ultimate "Babysitter" fantasy

    I'm not really into the spanking, just want to be treated nice, that's just me. So we had an evening together. It was everything I always wanted really. No, we didn't get to do everything by a mile, you guys were right, way too much! Didn't matter. It was the greatest thing ever. My...
  5. Virtual_Gravity_27

    I shouldn't buy things when in little space

    I always have to eat a meal before I go grocery shopping, I guess was my point... Otherwise yeah. My eyes are bigger than my stomach. And I buy a MILLION things I am hungry for right THEN and NOW lol..... But then I get home, eat a meal, and then ask myself.....Why on earth did I buy three...
  6. Virtual_Gravity_27

    Urine Odor

    Does anyone have a supplement/food/method of reducing urine odor? Sometimes my pee can be weird because I already Take a lot of health supplements due to chronic illness. My girlfriend is willing to change me perhaps, but the smell of urine would have to be minimized she says. Anything to...
  7. Virtual_Gravity_27

    Dealing with feeling "silly" about being an AB, during roleplay.

    This is all good advice. So I have talked to her a lot so far, gonna talk one more time before we do this. Because here's where we stand. I like being about 3 years old (not potty trained) and she is OK with most everything, including diapers. It is a bit much to all try and do in one...
  8. Virtual_Gravity_27

    I shouldn't buy things when in little space

    It's like they say Don't go grocery shopping when you're hungry.
  9. Virtual_Gravity_27

    What is your dream Diaper? Or is out now, so whats your favorite?

    I still have yet to find my dream diaper. It truly drives me insane. What I truly need, is one that COMES UP HIGH enough so that I can point up. It would be amazing. I LOVE the feeling of the diaper coming up high, especially over my belly button. It feels so secure. And high up my...
  10. Virtual_Gravity_27

    Does anyone still buy baby diapers even though they don't fit?

    I repeatedly have dreamed since a young age, Of one day starting a business where TRUE replica baby diapers could be created for adults. I mean crinklz has come close with the bag....But I mean....Detail per detail.... Taking a baby diaper, and literally sizing it up, bag and all, design and...
  11. Virtual_Gravity_27

    A Few Thoughts

    I really wanted to make a video like this, but id have to do it anonymously...I just couldn't do it any other way. People can get it wrong. This is definitely a fetish that requires explaining. But that's just it, gotta clearly explain it, what it is and what it's not.
  12. Virtual_Gravity_27

    Dealing with feeling "silly" about being an AB, during roleplay.

    Thank you a lot for that, That advice was very sweet. I will take it to heart.
  13. Virtual_Gravity_27

    Suggestions? - Your ultimate "Babysitter" fantasy

    So I'm truly not trying to brag or shove this in people's faces, but I have to opportunity to have my girlfriend fulfill my fantasy as I've said in another thread, and the days are counting down. I might only get one shot at this, it depends if she wants to do it again or not. So only...
  14. Virtual_Gravity_27

    Dealing with feeling "silly" about being an AB, during roleplay.

    Thank all of you, that advice was very helpful. It helps I suppose, to just not feel bad about it. I'm coming to terms with accepting myself...I've just never truly accepted this part of me. I liked diapers, but I knew everyone would think it was screwed up. Until I met my wonderful...
  15. Virtual_Gravity_27

    Dealing with feeling "silly" about being an AB, during roleplay.

    So, I'm about to have an experience of a lifetime. My girlfriend is going to be my babysitter. I've wanted this since I was six. It's a security thing for me, but also sexual. I've been a DL, but the AB side has grown on me. She's on the same page as me, and she's willing to fulfill my...
  16. Virtual_Gravity_27

    Inspired by teens, created by Pampers :)

    It's an AWESOME idea, and I've always dreamed of seeing a Pampers Cruisers Size 12 on the shelf................................ And not to burst your bubble guys but.......... It will probably never happen. But man that would be awesome. Pampers. Size 1-15. Never stop wearing!
  17. Virtual_Gravity_27

    How can you gather courage.

    Always Epic. Unless your parents are computer gurus, or you turn the computer on (XDDD), you're set for a hiding place. Internet high five.
  18. Virtual_Gravity_27

    Dreaming of wearing?

    I've had the same thing. Whenever I was not wearing diapers, trying to "be away" from them for a while, I would dream about them. Whenever I'd be wearing them, I'd have dreams about school, and popularity, like relationships with people in general. When I'd wake up, I'd always want to stop...
  19. Virtual_Gravity_27

    my girlfriend i think she like diapers to

    Next time a moderator sees a thread like this, reading the first post, before even hesitating or anything, why don't they just delete it?
  20. Virtual_Gravity_27

    She is she is a diapers luver!!!

    Holy........ This thread went bad................. But I guess, I'm happy for you man! True though, this should be in a blog.