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  1. selv14

    Preparing for a 24/7 semester

    A few words of caution on this idea. Most of the responses above have focused on the practical aspects of wearing diapers to classes. But there are other social aspects you need to keep track of too. Pee smells, and can give you a rash so you need a change regularly to get rid of the smell, so I...
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    Please Believe Me Papa

    Chapter 3 Clutching her bag containing her dress and heels, Stephanie walked as fast as she could from the metro station to her flat. She had hung out with her friends at the Vivocity arcade without keeping track of the time, and it was past ten already. Why didn't I set a reminder alarm? She...
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    Please Believe Me Papa

    I would have preferred if this sensitive question had not been asked, but it has. I sense intense scrutiny from the mods at the moment. The answer you seek is acknowledged below. Chapter 2 Stephanie was running. Her room door was open, and her dad was sitting on her bed, waiting for her with...
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    Potty training and Diaper Loving

    For me, I never felt that potty training itself led me on to be a DL, but I keep thinking about it often. Can't remember much of that process. There was once, after my #1 training that I remember clearly. My mum tried to get me to do #2 on the toilet by putting a diaper on the toilet, on a potty...
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    Please Believe Me Papa

    My sincere apologies, I fell sick this week, barely had time to even study. Here's the first chapter. Chapter 1 It was past 8pm when Stephanie got interrupted from her work again. The front door was opening again, and Stephanie knew her dad was home. She took a deep breath, and adjusted her...
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    Please Believe Me Papa

    Hi all, I've been away for a while. I've actually been working on some writing projects in the interim, and one of them is this little series. I thought I'd share it with you guys. It is a work in progress, with the first parts written about some time ago, and I'll stick to that timeframe. Do...
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    Sorry, didn't see the notification... Yes, I do have a wordpress. Thank you for reading my...

    Sorry, didn't see the notification... Yes, I do have a wordpress. Thank you for reading my blog, really appreciate it!
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    Hi there!

    Hi there!
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    Creating an ABDL Social Media Account

    I have been thinking about getting a VPN, but there are so many out there and I'm not sure if I should put money to it. My concern is my phone and tweeting is a spontaneous thing - when you think of it you tweet on the spot - so logging into Twitter on my phone is something I'd consider . But...
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    Creating an ABDL Social Media Account

    I've always wanted to create a second social media (SM) account. As a flailing ABDL writer I understand that these are ways to connect with more people. And I guess many people do have ABDL Snapchats and Instagrams. I myself have an ABDL Tumblr. The thing is, I already own a vanilla Instagram...
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    Since I see this debate come up alot: Some professional opinions [not mine] on when childern should be potty trained

    Some kids may be quickly potty trained for no.1 but it takes a while for no.2. They know it is not the right place, but they keep asking for a diaper when they need to to, or do it in the morning in their nighttime diapers. Some have suggested that it is because of the privacy of being able to...
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    How did you get back in to diapers?

    My journey started with a dream. When I was six, I had this weird dream that my kindergarten classmates were wearing diapers, and when we went to the toilet they pulled down their pampers and peed. (The weird part was these were a boy and a girl peeing into a urinal). So when I was 11 I suddenly...
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    Hi there AEther, yes I am from Singapore.

    Hi there AEther, yes I am from Singapore.
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    Do any of you ever feel this type of guilt when buying baby nappies/diapers?

    There was one time I bought a pack of Pampers Cruisers Size 7. It was the only one in that store. In the days and weeks that followed, I realised that size 7 was being phased out. To rub salt in the wound, I was going through a purge cycle and threw away more than half of the pack. It was a very...
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    A Lesson in Diapers

    I now see it when you say that a simple conversation would not have worked on Jake, but for me, I still find it hard to buy into the 'revenge on principle'. At least from what I've seen in my (somewhat sheltered) life. It's something you would do to someone you don't work with closely, but not...
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    A Lesson in Diapers

    You had a good start, there was some character development for Jake and Steph. You also built up some momentum in the first half of the first post, and gave some hints as to what was going to happen. You've given the reader a reason to care for the character, and that is something that many...
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    A survey on ABDL Stories

    It will be a simple compilation and write-up. I'm kinda lacking in numbers, but the early results are quite interesting. Do spread the word if you guys could :)
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    If being little was "mainstream" or accepted by society, would you want to act little?

    When you say mainstream, I presume you mean that people have heard so much about it that they don't think it is 'weird'. For example, smoking a cigarette is kinda mainstream, but it is weird in the sense that you are putting smoke into your lungs. But people don't shun a stranger for smoking...
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    A survey on ABDL Stories

    Many of us turn to ABDL fiction as a source of amusement. But what do you really want to read? I have created a survey to investigate just what do people really want from ABDL stories. Please do take about 5 minutes to complete this survey, it would be of great assistance to us writers. I plan...
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    Sleeping in an oatmeal filled diaper?

    Some words of caution. One, don't overdo it. Don't wear it for too long, as over long periods the oatmeal may start reacting adversely with your skin. Two, it may affect your sleep as you are distracted, and there is an uncomfortable mass in-between your legs. Three, as you toss and turn in your...