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  1. GoldenHoneyMummy

    Baby furniture...

    Hello Goober :) My Ultimate item of baby furniture would be a Double sized baby crib, in a beautiful white & soft pink nursery, so my partner and myself can snuggle up & soundly sleep togethers :cloud9:
  2. GoldenHoneyMummy

    Rare and Ironic Situation

    Hi LittleAaron, I believe opportunities come our way in life & we either choose to participate in the experience or not. I personally would have joined the conversation & bounced off their ideas. I would not have divulged any personal information on my own private lifestyle...
  3. GoldenHoneyMummy

    I'm sorry if I offended anybody, can you forgive me?

    KittyninjaW I think its important to remember we are all learning. No one is perfect & everyone is unique with individual perspectives. We aren't all going to agree with each others opinions or get along with certain personalities. Best not to be hard on ourselves so we can learn & grow without...
  4. GoldenHoneyMummy

    Does your parents know?

    Hello santa22, My parents do not know & will not know in this lifetime as my Ab/ DL lifestyle is my own personal business. I certainly do not want to know about my parents fetishes, their personal sex life or what turns them on sexually. Just some things parents & adult...
  5. GoldenHoneyMummy

    Feel like a kid on your birthday?

    Hello santa22 :) I treat myself on my birthday in Little mode, just to feel & celebrate the pure joy, happiness, playfulness, wonder & awe life shares with us. Which I am heartfully thankful for :cloud9:
  6. GoldenHoneyMummy

    Is this really so unrealistic..?

    Hello Goober :smile1: Supermarkets will only stock standard nappies/ diapers (none with childlike prints on them). The majority as a whole in society are not open minded enough to accept having Adult baby/ Little things :paci: in local supermarkets and major store departments. As 'Trevor' stated...
  7. GoldenHoneyMummy

    Hello to everyone I'm goober...

    Hello Goober :cloud9: Welcome to Adisc :hug: Hope you find lotsa new people to play & have fun with. May you never lose touch with your inner child & inspire others in becoming in touch with their own inner child too. 6 months young :paci: is such a priceless Little...
  8. GoldenHoneyMummy

    aB vs Little?

    Hello SilentlySpeaking, Personally for me the difference between being an adult baby (ab) & a Little is an adult baby usually is innocent in its form of play where a Little (who is usually older than a baby) can be more sexually orientated. This isn't always the case as it depends entirely on...
  9. GoldenHoneyMummy

    who is afraid of the toilet?

    I don't have a toilet phobia butt I believe toilets should be off limits since there is no need for them when I am diaper disciplining men, training toilet slaves & wearing a portable nappy/ diaper, majority of the time :cloud9:
  10. GoldenHoneyMummy

    I love turtles

    :smile1: I love turtles & tortoises, they are so cute! My favourite animal would have to be a Tiger or an eagle. Very hard chose to make as I really love many different animals. Animals are my friends. I am like Snow White in many ways :smile1:
  11. GoldenHoneyMummy

    Hello Everyone

    Hello Gigglemuffinz Thank you for taking the time to read my profile. I love dancing, riding horses, going to the beach, swimming, gym, bush walking, camping, creating collages, writing poetry, fiction & erotica, I Love listening to a variety of genres with music & I enjoy researching to educate...
  12. GoldenHoneyMummy


    ***Welcome to ADISC SpottedLion*** I love your name :) I love wildcats! Glad you have more courage now to explore, discover and express more of yourself more openly. It is always Good to learn new things about yourself :) Look forward to reading future posts/ threads from you. Enjoy exploring...
  13. GoldenHoneyMummy

    Anyone else sleep better with diapers?

    I definitely get a better nights sleep wearing my diapers.:cloud9: They are comfy and cozy. They calm and soothe me and as a result I have a more relaxed and deeper sleep :sleep1: My body gets the full rest it needs and I wake up refreshed, revitalized and in a Happy mood, all ready for the new...
  14. GoldenHoneyMummy

    Here my crib

    Hello Poohbearboy :) Thank you for sharing your picture of your new crib. U have a have a real talent for designing! It is a beautiful crib and well thought of to have drawers beneath for all your diapers and baby accessories. Well Done Poohbearboy! I would be proud of myself if I was you :)
  15. GoldenHoneyMummy

    What do you eat with when little?

    :cloud9: I use my hands mostly butt I use baby spoons when I eats custards, pureed fruit and yogurt. Even then I play with my food when I makes a mess :cloud9:
  16. GoldenHoneyMummy

    Who's your doll friend?

    I still look after and care for my really Bigs Papa Smurf from when I was 3yrs old :) Does he count? :cloud9:
  17. GoldenHoneyMummy

    Who cares me?

    Hello toyfun :) No need to be sorry for sharing how you feel here. You have come to the right place to feel safe and secure to make new friends. I find the more you interact in the forums, people respond and get to know you more. Eventually leading to warm, loving friendships. I look forward in...
  18. GoldenHoneyMummy

    ABDL's eating masher foods?

    I love pureed fruit, mashed banana, mashed fruit pies with cream, melted chocolate, crushed sweet biscuits & reluctantly i eat mashed veggies too :no:
  19. GoldenHoneyMummy

    Hello Everyone

    Hello Everyone :hug: I have been involved in the Ab/DL community for around 20 years. Being a Diaper Lover, my Little self :cloud9: & an Adult Mummy for abies :paci: & sissygirls :sissy: in real life. Over the years I have been able to explore & discover many facets of my inner self, coming to...