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  1. Piplup

    I know the style of Kigurumi you're talking about: Kigurumi Shop | SAZAC: RILAKKUMA SUMMER...

    I know the style of Kigurumi you're talking about: Kigurumi Shop | SAZAC: RILAKKUMA SUMMER KIGURUMI But sadly, I don't own one :( I found a contracted job I would be qualified for on Craigslist (sigh, Craigslist). But if it all works out, that's $3000 in my pocket!
  2. Piplup

    Hi Big Brother!! (Hug) I haven't been on this site in what feels like forever. Don't want you to...

    Hi Big Brother!! (Hug) I haven't been on this site in what feels like forever. Don't want you to think I've been ignoring you :) I don't think you're weird for cross dressing. In fact, I have friends that are into dressing in drag, and I also have a good friend that is transgendered. Plus, you...
  3. Piplup

    Deconstructed My First MAMs!

    I figured out an easier way to take apart MAM pacifiers a while ago. Even made a video about it. Much less strain on your teeth ;)
  4. Piplup

    Pacifiers (Binkies) and TMJ

    I have TMJ, and I can honesty say using a pacifier at night has greatly reduced my symptoms. My jaw used to crack and my temples would swell while I was chewing, but now that rarely happens. I also used to get TMJ headaches every couple weeks, but not any more. If I sleep without my pacifier or...
  5. Piplup

    Hey bro! (squeeeeeeze) :) I haven't been very active on ADISC lately either. No particular...

    Hey bro! (squeeeeeeze) :) I haven't been very active on ADISC lately either. No particular reason. I guess I haven't had any "Little" problems. Are you back at school? Or did you graduate?
  6. Piplup

    Best diaper ads ever

    This! Teen Dipes from Anthony Gioe, Michael Cassady, Bob Turton, Dan Klein, Funny Or Die, Brad Schulz, Peter Lazarus, BoTown Sound, and Brian Lane
  7. Piplup

    What would you chose?

    Being asexual, this was a very easy poll for me to vote in :biggrin:
  8. Piplup

    Modesty During Diaper Changes

    My boyfriend is the only one who changes me, and I'd like to keep it that way :) The first 2 times it was kind of awkward, the only other time it was awkward after that was when I had a legit poopy accident in my diaper... You can't always trust farts :P He and I have a very trusting...
  9. Piplup

    Nappy Changing in public!

    I would have to agree with MattiKins. If you wear a really good diaper, you may not even have to worry about changing while you're out. My daddy and I have been on long trips (4+ hours) to a local state park, very large one at that where you can easily escape groups of people. Plenty of trees...
  10. Piplup

    Adult sized Stuffed Animals

    My daddy got me a big blue teddy bear for valentine's day last year! It's 36 inches tall, super soft, and has "My First Teddy" embroidered in one of his feet. I love it!
  11. Piplup

    Things that get your little side kinked at work?

    At my old retail job there were slow days were I would carry around a plushie every chance I got. Needless to say, I bonded with a few of them and had to "adopt" them. :)
  12. Piplup

    College: the good and the bad ( for me )

    Well, the school year just started. Trust me, your social life will probably wind down as the semester progresses. As more work comes along, you won't have as much time to hang out with friends. One thing I did when I had a heavy work load, but wanted to indulge in my little side, was wear a...
  13. Piplup

    Call for silicone Nuk 5's

    I still don't think it's a bad petition idea though. If NUK makes silicone teats for adults, they'll probably end up being cheaper than the ones Pacifiers R Us makes.
  14. Piplup

    How long can you stay in your used diaper.

    Last Saturday I wore a Bambino for 13 hours. If I'm out all day, I wear those diapers so I can avoid public diaper changes. Otherwise, I guess my average amount of time is 4 hours. Oh, and I don't poop in my diapers. So that's partially why I make them last a while.
  15. Piplup

    Acting like a baby book ?

    Or go you YouTube. Tons of people post pointless videos of their babies/toddlers. Observe the behaviors of those kids, take notes, learn, regress.
  16. Piplup

    telling people in real life

    I told my boyfriend and it was one of the best decisions I ever made! I will never tell my parents though. I came out to one of my friends about it and she was very understanding. To be honest though, I only told her because I felt like she could've been AB as well. -She enjoys preschool...
  17. Piplup

    Modding pacifiers

    I modify MAM pacifiers, and made a how-to video:
  18. Piplup

    Involvement with non-AB/DL friends...

    One of my friends knows, but she doesn't treat me any differently. Interestingly enough, one of my best friends doesn't know about me being AB, but I can still let out some of my little traits around her. Out of this particular group of friends, she's often referred to as the den mother lol...
  19. Piplup

    What should I expect from TENA Slip Maxi?

    Ahhh, I can't wait for Saturday! :biggrin:
  20. Piplup

    The Many Phases of AB/DL

    Very nice post! :)