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  1. Altric

    A Babyfur Social Network!

    If you are into social networking and are a babyfur, there is a new social network just for babyfurs now. It has been up for a little over a week now, and currently (as of this posting) has 79 members! If you are interested, check it out at Babyfur.ME - Home Page
  2. Altric

    Napping at Work?

    Why Power Naps at Work Are Catching On - US News and World Report The article goes on to further say that some companies are even setting up designated "nap rooms," tents or lofted beds for their employees to catch a quick snooze. It also mentions that some companies are already using this to...
  3. Altric

    4 Furs Now Homeless (including 2 ADISC members)

    If we are not allowed to post things like this, I am sorry, but this also deals with at least 2 ADISC members who are now homeless. 4 Pittsburgh furs are now homeless. Thrashbear, fire_lupine, firefoxbc, and landis_mclovin are the 4 furs affected. The house next to the one they were renting...
  4. Altric

    The Hub (A new TV channel)

    "The Hub" is a television station which is replacing the Discovery Kids channel today on 10/10/10. Apparently, it is a joint-venture between Hasbro and Discovery Communications after Hasbro acquired a 50% stake in the Discovery Kids channel back in April. "Discovery will oversee ad sales and...
  5. Altric

    When does morning begin?

    If I am awake past 12am, it is still that night for me, and the next day does not begin until I wake up that day. I have pretty much always thought like this. For example: Even though it is in the 2am hour on Saturday, it is still Friday in my mind. I will not acknowledge it being Saturday...
  6. Altric

    Flea Markets, Yard Sales, and Thrift Shops

    I love flea markets! I get so many good bargains at them when I go. I spend so little, and I come home with A LOT of stuff. And it doesn't have to be flea markets either; Yard sales, thrift stores, auctions, etc are also good to me. Today was a great day for a flea market, so I headed out...
  7. Altric

    Playing With Food

    After I eat a meal, I find that if there is any food left on my plate I didn't eat, I can't help but play with it. I poke it with utensils, add stuff to it, put it in a glass, and mix it up, etc... I know that it is sometimes disgusting, but I like to play with food. I do the same thing with...
  8. Altric

    I don't really associate AB stuff with my normal facebook account, but this was an ad at the side. I checked it out. You can get 3 personalized pacifiers, with up to 3 lines of personalization for $15 in either silicone or latex, your choice. I think it is decent for 3 personalized ones. Has...
  9. Altric

    Privately Owned Movie Theaters Instead of National Chain Theaters

    I love privately owned movie theaters. Which isn't to say that I don't go to the national chains for a first-run film, but privately-owned theaters generally offer a more enjoyable viewing experience for me. I go to one just outside of Pittsburgh called The Hollywood just about every week to...
  10. Altric

    Paci while driving

    Alright, let me start off by saying that I have a habit of chewing on straws. My friends are always asking why I do it, but it is just something I do while driving a lot. Anyway today I was out with a group of friends because we were going to see Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood of Make-Believe (which...
  11. Altric

    Laptop screen is failing...Help

    My laptop's screen is not working correctly. I turned it on today and half of the screen was showing nothing but jumbled colors. I've tried restarting it to see if that would help, it didn't. If it goes completely, I won't have a computer. I am doing everything with a half screen right now...
  12. Altric

    Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Baby's Favorite Rock Bands

    I did not know anything like this existed. I mean lullaby renditions of some of the greatest bands of all time! I bought the Metallica and Led Zeppelin ones at a flea market over the weekend, and let me say they are excellent! I am not usually a fan of Metallica, but this is different and I...
  13. Altric

    Introducing UltimateZero from PA

    Hello, I am UltimateZero. And this is my introduction message. I am 21, male, and live in Pennsylvania. I found out about Adisc on gaiaonline during my random browsing. I decided to check it out. So far, I have read quite a few interesting stories, and gained some helpful knowledge about...