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  1. closet dl

    NCIS:LA Reference

    Another diaper reference in NCIS Los Angeles tonight - One of the techies is talking about looking for someone that is staking out a mosque and says "They probably won't be hanging out with a pair of binoculars and adult diapers." Makes me wonder if there are cops that actually do that?!?
  2. closet dl

    Losing a day

    Don't you hate it when you lose a day? It happens to me around the holidays usually when there is a lot of time off and nothing reeally scheduled to do. I am supposed to fly to Colorado on Friday, and for some reason I kept thinking yesterday was Wednesday all day. I guess it is kind of cool...
  3. closet dl

    A sigh of relief!

    Since I have not worked in an emergency room for a little over a year and a half (due to my time in Norway), I am having to re-certify on all my "special" skills. I did my basic CPR recert last week, and went today for my pediatric advanced life support (PALS). I studied over the weekend and...
  4. closet dl

    Veteran's Day

    From one veteran (U.S. Army 1987-2000) to all the others out there - may this day be one of remembrance of our fallen comrades.
  5. closet dl


    Hey, everyone. I just got back from visiting Legoland Billund in Denmark, and I have to say it was a great place. It is certainly not the most thrilling amusement park for rides, but it is a great kid-friendly park that still has enough to keep adults interested. There were only three rides...
  6. closet dl

    Back from the North Pole!

    Well, I am back. It wasn't quite the North Pole, but we were less than 1000 km from it! I actually swam in Magdalenafjord, which was 3 degrees Celsius with glaciers around! It was a fantastic trip with super weather and every animal the Arctic had to offer. Now that I am out of the midnight...
  7. closet dl

    Hello you international group of people!

    I am plannin my summer driving trip with my daughter. Current plans are to drive from here to Stockholm, then ferry to Helsinki, ferry to Tallinn (Estonia), then down through Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic and into Germany (Mannheim area.) Time allowing, we will go to Normandy via...
  8. closet dl


    We found out not long ago that we will be returning to the U.S. (specifically the Houston area) in the fall. While we have had a great experience in Norway and will miss the view of the fjord and mountains from our living room window, it will be nice to be back home. It will be especially nice...
  9. closet dl

    Hoppin' on a sled!

    I will be away for a few days, as we are heading north of the Arctic Circle again (Tromso, Norway) to go dog-sledding. Maybe we will see the Northern Lights, but the forecast is for snow the whole time we are there. By the way, I think it is funny that there is nowhere near the amount of snow...
  10. closet dl

    Gettin' warm for the winter!

    I will be away for a couple of weeks for the holidays. We are headed for South Africa tomorrow evening to visit friends. -4C and snow predicted here in Norway this week, 27C and sunny in Johannesburg (and our friends have a pool!) I want a tan for Christmas!:cool:
  11. closet dl

    Is the Obama Administration against bedwetters?

    Just saw this on Live Leak (no pun intended.) - Gibbs: 'Wee-Weed Up' = 'Bedwetting' All part of the big health care plan, is it?
  12. closet dl

    Finally saw the sunset...

    I am back from my trip above the Arctic Circle, and after 10 days finally saw the sunset. Scenery-wise, the most spectacular thing was seeing the Midnight Sun at North Cape, the "farthest northern" point on the European continent (the actual farthest northern point is just a little ways away...
  13. closet dl

    John Cleese

    John Cleese is starting up his world tour in Norway this fall, and will be in my town in early October. Unfortunately, my parents will be visiting from the States during this time, and I would feel guilty about leaving them behind to go see the show. I actually think we are supposed to go to a...
  14. closet dl

    Going North

    I will be ADISC's furthest northern member beginning next week (at least temporarily.) I am going on vacation to several cities in Norway above the Arctic Circle for 10 days. I may not take a computer because we want to go light, as we will be depending on public transportation to/from...
  15. closet dl

    Now in Norway!

    I am back, after a week in Germany with relatives for Easter. We have arrived in Norway and are in our temporary apartment, and will be moving to the permanent place on May 1st. Glad to see there were over 5000 new posts since my last visit a week ago!
  16. closet dl

    Public Docket

    Anybody else have a public docket in your newspaper that lists details of police and sheriff calls? We do here, and it is one of the more entertaining portions of the paper. For example, here is one out of yesterday's paper: Sheriff's Calls A man and a woman who met on the internet met in...
  17. closet dl

    A funny sight

    At the risk of being Deekeresque at the mere mention of a DL sighting I am going to pass this along anyway - only because it was pretty funny, I was at the grocery store the other day and on the other end of the baby aisle when I noticed a family of four at the Goodnites. The mom and dad...
  18. closet dl

    My new footed PJ's!

    I found some footed PJ's at Target, and they are pretty cool. I am going to upload a few pics to the gallery. Wish they had more in my size!
  19. closet dl

    Like to read

    I have been a DL since I was about 12, now 39. I don't know if it was a specific incident, but my first memory of DL desires involved a dream about a neighbor wetting her pants while we were playing, and I remember the feeling it gave me. When I actually would see her, I would think about that...