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  1. Wheatley

    First time buying "premium" diapers online- what should I go for?

    I'm looking to jump the shark and get my first pack of "real" diapers, some that aren't Goodnites or Depends. I'm looking to buy off of Amazon. I figured I should go to some more versed in the arts of diaper for some advice.
  2. Wheatley

    I would like to thank...

    Moo and the ADISC staff for wishing me a happy birthday. With a smiley face. I know it's an automated site message and not some nice card with heartfelt confessions of how I matter to them and how they care about me, combined with a convenient giftcard or money, but geez. I honestly didn't...
  3. Wheatley

    As Wheatley, it is my civil duty to post this...

    Besides the new Perpetual Testing DLC that dropped today (I'm already playing about with it. Having a grand old time.), we have this amazing track: That's all.
  4. Wheatley

    Favorite Indie Games.

    List them out for me, please- I'm looking for more to try.
  5. Wheatley

    Any Dungeon Defenders players out here?

    I'm brand new to DD (as in, just started today), and I'd really like it if I could find a group of nice peeps to play with and level up with. I'm making the assumption that, while it is fun, it's not as fun on your own.
  6. Wheatley

    Anyone into Realm of the Mad God?

    Man, that game is so addictive.
  7. Wheatley

    What makes a sissy/LG?

    Out of curiosity.
  8. Wheatley

    Hey, *B/DL Haberdashers...

    Naturally, Haberdashers means those who play the glorious hat simulator, TF2. Is there anyone else here that's currently prepping for UGC Highlander Season Six? I'm very excited, personally. I've always wanted to play competitive Spy, and I've gotten a chance now. If you are, I automatically...
  9. Wheatley

    TF2: The Spy-cicle

    I have never coveted an icicle with this much white-hot intensity before. Or a spy weapon, for that matter, even though I main Spy. I've been trying to trade for one, to no avail. Problem: The pricing. This is a simple knife. It will be nothing more than that by NEXT THURSDAY, mind you...
  10. Wheatley

    ADISC + Minecraft?

    Do we have a Minecraft server here? I'd love to join up.
  11. Wheatley


    It's year two of our newly state-acclaimed school drama class, and this time of year means One Act Competition. Our director is certain we're going to State this year, so much so he already has it and a victory show by the 'GHSA State Champions' on our class calendar. The show is, much as the...
  12. Wheatley

    Really stupid idea

    I was in the shower the other day, thinking, because that's where the lightbulb, the Nobel Peace Prize, and drowning was invented. And I came up with the next big idea along those lines. Not really. But I did get to thinking about diaper design. The mechanics. More specifically, the sides...
  13. Wheatley

    What's your diaper like right now?

    Makeshift? Messy? Wet? What's it like?
  14. Wheatley

    My introduction thread is titled: TACOS.

    Hey. I'm growyoung, a little old TB AR story writer. Kinda wish I could find my peeps from deviantART on here, they know me. Glad I found this site. There are a lot of TB-related things I need advice on. Pacis, telling others... and discreetly hiding diapers. That's what got me caught the...