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    I can't believe i bought some play-doh plus a question

    Because my mum used to make our Playdough home made Playdough is my signature Playdough smell. :)
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    I can't believe i bought some play-doh plus a question

    Just for future reference. It is REALLY easy and really cheap to make playdough. Just look up the recipe when your current playdough eventually goes off. I always liked Lego. I personally prefer things that stimulate me intellectually as well. Kids enjoy their games because they learn or...
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    Hi, I always keep an eye out for the new Perth people coming on. What games do you usually...

    Hi, I always keep an eye out for the new Perth people coming on. What games do you usually play? What type of thing do you sell in your online store? I used to have one too but turns out I'm terrible at business management. :)
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    Therapy for ABDL / Regression

    My psych encouraged me to wear often to cope and support myself when I had mental illness. She got me to wear to therapy under my clothes so I could be around someone who was accepting of who I was. This is different from what you're talking about and more about self-acceptance than anything.
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    I have met some really good people on fetlife as well as some creepies. I been to 3 little events that were only advertised on there. Compare that to on here where there are less than 5 regular people from my area and no events in my area.
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    Your ideal school uniform outfit?

    I want a boy's school uniform. Not one of the private school ones... Just a normal one. I've found a place I can get the t-shirt made so I hope to do that this year.
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    Joining the Military

    As an ICT person you still need to complete basic training. You don't have to be that fit for it but there is still a risk you will be injured due to the hazardous nature of it. It will be very easy to get to the fitness level needed for basic training. 7.5 on the beep test will be easily...
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    Goverment screwing people over.

    Yo Shy. Pretty sure VET-FEE doesn't cover uni. The HELP system covers uni fees. Pretty sure any Australia citizen is covered and doesn't even have to apply. You get loaned the money at 1.something% I'm pretty sure and only have to pay it back if you earn over $50k. The uni course will cost you...
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    Favorite Little Outfit?

    Aussie school uniform. Or, if failing that. Velcro shoes, cartoon print underwear (something for under 8s...between bob the builder and spongebob), shorts and a cartoon print t-shirt. Or replace the underwear with pull ups or a nappy.
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    Does anyone else want to go back to school so badly?

    Yep. I would love to go back to school. But I don't doubt it would be stressful as well. But I wish that I was told what to do like I did at school. So much easier.
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    How many have told a therapist about their AB/DL side?

    I told two of mine. The first one didn't put much stock in it and it was a very short conversation that went nowhere. The second one has been brilliant. If you want to avoid any awkward part to the conversation I recommend writing it down and sending them a letter before a session so they...
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    What do you guys use to cope?

    That is actually shown to be very therapeutic. A Melbourne, Australia study showed that if you play music that someone likes loudly when they're upset it calms them down. I have a few things on my "self care card" (the term we use at work). If I can't leave a situation it's breathing exercises...
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    Telling a therapist

    I have told mine and she was fantastic. It all depends on your relationship with him/her. I'm still finding out a lot about myself because of it. Talking out loud about it is also good as it helps you to accept it more. When I first started talking I couldn't even say "I like to wear nappies"...
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    Yeah. I get from Jumpin Jammerz too. God a great fireman onesie and a sleepy one.
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    Anybody here been to see Inside Out?

    I haven't seen it but I think it was a fantastic idea. First Pixar make one showing old people as heroes (Japanese do it all the time but our language doesn't) and then they do one on kids mental health. Can't wait to watch it. My niece is too young to see it and I don't have money to just use...
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    The Proudest Nappy Wearer

    I was browsing through poetry, as I do, and came across this guy. It may have already been posted before but it's pretty cool. Would have been a hard way to grow up.
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    Hehe. I understand that. I'm 6'4 210 pound so if I'm around other people it's hard to feel little. :)
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    Yeah. I identify more as a little as my age generally isn't towards a baby stage. Toddler and up with most of my age being 4 and above. (But still using some baby stuff)
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    Best survival vehicles

    I know what bugging out is and I'm Australian :). I don't have a bug out vehicle, it's more a bug out kit.. Everyone in my house has a bug out kit for bushfires. A bag that contains a pair of swimming goggles for the smoke, cotton long sleeve clothing, a face mask, water, passports and a family...
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    Best survival vehicles

    I'm a fellow survivalist but mainly prepare for economic downturns and bushfires. The bushfires being the biggest threat and the economic crash in Australia being inevitable since we didn't go into recession in the GFC. For the bushfire I'm pretty skilled as I'm a volunteer firefighter, and the...