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  1. ChronicToddler

    Who should I talk to

    Hey you guys. I was wondering who I should talk to about my academic standing at college and my overal academic career. I'm struggling with a particular class and I have just run out of options. It gotten to a point were I'm literally becoming depressed about it. I have tried so many different...
  2. ChronicToddler

    A Four Wheel Drive Ferrari Hatchback

    I really Like this and I thought I would share it with my fellow gear heads. A Four Wheel Drive Ferrari Hatchback? The Ferrari Four (FF) Basically a Ferrari Hatchback. And boy does it look sexy.
  3. ChronicToddler

    From Colorado

    Hey everyone This is TBDLBOY14. 19 year old Toddler and Diaper Lover. I currently attend (no pun) CU Boulder studying towards Med School. I love Trucks and diapers. Odd opposites huh.