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  1. ChronicToddler

    Really cool AB/DL romper

    I have the underwater one and they are very comfy. It's one of the better fitting items I've bought that I have not had to custom order.
  2. ChronicToddler

    Where do you get your diapers?

    I order mainly from both XP Medical and Bambino Diapers pretty equally. I've gotten to the point where I just buy diapers twice a year. That usually consists of ordering a case of dry and a few misc items from XP and a bambino variety case and a case of secure xPlus and other misc items. $430...
  3. ChronicToddler

    Nappy/Diaper play

    I can usually do most of my favorite activities while diapered. I definitely like to wear when studying. I drink a lot of water to stay hydrated and it get annoying getting the urges after a while. I've worked on my cars diapered. In a closed garage of course. I done groceries, movie theaters...
  4. ChronicToddler

    What do /you/ call diapers?

    I call them diapers and crinkles. I can't stand when people call them pampers, padding, or briefs. I like to call them by what they are. I had to get used to calling them pads or briefs when I worked as a CNA. It sucks that diapers are so taboo that people can't call them for what they are.
  5. ChronicToddler

    Getting your nappy/diaper changed

    Yes erections are common in the nursing field and what I would usually do was and if it was required (too big to fit, or a condom catheter needed to be placed) I would place a warm wash cloth on their privates and the erection would begin to subside in a matter of minutes. If it didn't and the...
  6. ChronicToddler

    Does anyone have these?

    Gente Wash in come water with mild detergente and your favorite softener. Then tumble dry on the lowest heat or no heat until there just dry then hang for a few hours.
  7. ChronicToddler

    Not trying to be mean but the majority of people on here are nerdy

    I'm the same way as the OP and other posters on here in the fact that I too am different front the general consensus on here. I'm a gearhead, I love American muscle motorcycles, wrenching, and four wheeling. But I'm also some what of a nerd in the sense that I'm a book of info on some of my...
  8. ChronicToddler

    the 1st time buying huggies drynights 8-15 embarrassing

    I have a pretty good 'don't f with me' that has always done the job of shutting down a convo in the making. I hate it but dang it's come in handy.
  9. ChronicToddler

    Nuk 5 bottle

    I always do a cross cut on mine with a pair of scissors at the very tip of the nipple. That way all you have to do is squeeze the nipple and suck. The opening is self closing so you'll only get about a drops worth of leakage. About a millimeter to a milli and a half should be perfect.
  10. ChronicToddler

    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Secure xplus. Just changed too
  11. ChronicToddler

    Caught at work ... FML

    Yes karma is a bitch. Don't fret on the little things In life. Just be proactive about it.
  12. ChronicToddler

    Incontinence problems from wearing.

    You should definitely go to a doc and get that checked out. Sounds like your having some kind of prostate problem which can turn pretty nasty if left untreated.
  13. ChronicToddler

    Can't reply to you messages. There's an error message on your side.

    Can't reply to you messages. There's an error message on your side.
  14. ChronicToddler

    Are you a bulk or variety user?

    I guess I'll consider myself a bulk variety type if toddler. Right now I have about 8 different varieties of diapers. I have a few Fabine which I like to wear on one of those special occasions. I have the bambino variety pack which I use when I'm feeling like a toddler. Sleepers are necessary. I...
  15. ChronicToddler

    dry 24/7 tapes?

    Yeah they changed them for the better. The most recent case I recieved has the updated bigger tapes which are much much nicer. Have t had a take slip yet on this bad boys.
  16. ChronicToddler

    My first Fabine!

    I did the same as you zakie. They are truly an awesome adult baby diaper but not really practical. I still have five of them though for those rainy days
  17. ChronicToddler

    First ever diaper!!!

    I'm sure your man is going to be ecstatic about finally being able to share this side of his life with you. As far as you telling him, I think it would be rather fun for him if he found you in your diapered state. As far as how, ill leave that up to your imagination. It can only get better from...
  18. ChronicToddler

    Name 3 things to buy that would freak out the cashier

    Menstrual Pads Bananas Suppositories
  19. ChronicToddler

    YOUR Stash!

    Just under case of each molicare super plus, bambino variety case, secure xplus, and dry24/7. I'm one happy toddler right now.
  20. ChronicToddler

    Super Undies

    They have adult ones to that look awesome. They come in a choice of colors too.