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  1. BinkyBoi

    Children hood toys

    My favorite toys back then, and still now, are spinning tops. I don't know why I was always into them until I learned that it's a stim of mine. Just spinning them is entertaining and amusing, but it also lets me fidget and have something to play with when I'm working at the computer or just...
  2. BinkyBoi

    What item makes you feel the most little?

    My pacifier. Just having it in my pocket or in my hands makes me feel so much better about things.
  3. BinkyBoi

    "Littles" with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome

    True about the higher education stuff. Some days I regret not going to college. As far as me, I’m at work after visiting the beach for a bit. Not much has changed. (Insert here a diaper pun if you wish).
  4. BinkyBoi

    "Littles" with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome

    Hey, hopefully you remember from the old days on here. I’m still on and off for whatever reason. I guess it’s hard for me to keep up with multiple social platforms and I’ll occasionally forget about ADISC. But I’m still around and still visit. Diagnosed with Autism / Aspergers when I was 9 or 10.
  5. BinkyBoi

    Happy ABDL Halloween!!!

    I would have loved to dress up this year but I didn't really think of anything in advance. My family doesn't really celebrate it, not even to hand out candy.
  6. BinkyBoi

    Anyone suffer from anxiety? What techniques do you use to help?

    What usually calms me down from panic attacks are my pacifiers and fidget cubes. When I get anxious the cube helps me when in public. I also have a chew-gem for when using a pacifier isn't a good idea in public.
  7. BinkyBoi

    Do people not know about leftover foods?

    Damn. Now I know where some of my problems stemmed from. The bad thing about having leftovers is they are so often hidden behind the clutter in our refrigerator where it's forgotten about days later. At that point the food has gone bad. My rule when I live on my own is that I won't cook another...
  8. BinkyBoi

    Some of us Adult Babies/Littles are pretty isolated...

    Same. I live in Florida next to a fairly large city that I think should have plenty of ABDL's, but I just simply cannot find them. I joined a little's group for the area on Fetlife and on Kik, but the group seems to be dying because of incredibly small numbers. Plus I haven't been able to make...
  9. BinkyBoi

    Your favourite AB/little items

    I love all my pacifiers, adult and babyish. There's also my bottles. I do have some toys I kept since childhood, mostly spin tops as they were my obsession back then and still now. Not the Beyblades kind. I only have small ones but I want to collect big metal and or wood ones too someday.
  10. BinkyBoi

    autism and other disabilities and ageplay

    I am on the Asperger's and Autism spectrum, so if that adds to the demographic between that and ABDL's, you have one more to count lol.
  11. BinkyBoi

    What gets you into Little Space?

    Seeing others in little space. Scrolling through Tumblr usually does the trick. It'll make me want my paci more than anything, especially when I'm stressed.
  12. BinkyBoi

    Cherry Pop adult pacifier

    Does anybody have Cherry pop adult pacifiers? If so, post pictures in the comments. I want to see what it looks like and how big it is.
  13. BinkyBoi

    A question regarding Pacifiers and Age Regression

    Not big into diapers but I love pacifiers (if you can't already tell by my profile lol). I would love to see more of solo pacifier use like what you're talking about. ***Edit*** Oh are you saying exclusively humiliation purposes? Cause I was talking more along the lines of a comfort item. Like...
  14. BinkyBoi

    ABDL Camping

    In time I probably would. Simply because I have never been with other ABDL's in person before, so I'll have to dip my toes in and take it slow first. If I know the people well enough then yeah. But not with complete strangers.
  15. BinkyBoi

    Can anyone explain this pacifier related question?

    I get it too. It's normal I think.
  16. BinkyBoi

    What is your attention span?

    It's short. Probably about an hour, then I get bored.
  17. BinkyBoi

    A Moment with My Mother

    Haha at least your mom has a sense of humor. My parents are still convinced I don't use pacifiers anymore. And that was nearly three years ago since the last time they found a pacifier of mine.
  18. BinkyBoi

    Pacifiers R Us Teat Comparison?

    Which one would be better to get: Olive or cheery teat? What's your personal experience?
  19. BinkyBoi

    Onesiedownunder Shipping Wait?

    On average, how long is the allotted time between ordering a Onesiedownunder pacifier and the arrival of the package?
  20. BinkyBoi

    Fiction Book with ABDL content

    Yeah. I'd like to read it.