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  1. BinkyBoi

    Cherry Pop adult pacifier

    Does anybody have Cherry pop adult pacifiers? If so, post pictures in the comments. I want to see what it looks like and how big it is.
  2. BinkyBoi

    Pacifiers R Us Teat Comparison?

    Which one would be better to get: Olive or cheery teat? What's your personal experience?
  3. BinkyBoi

    Onesiedownunder Shipping Wait?

    On average, how long is the allotted time between ordering a Onesiedownunder pacifier and the arrival of the package?
  4. BinkyBoi

    Is Dove Cameron a Little?

    Is Dove Cameron one of us? She certainly displays some suspicious traits. And that necklace "Little"...??? Verrrrrry suspicious.
  5. BinkyBoi

    The Call to...Munch!

    Hey all, after several years of being a milquetoast in terms of socializing within the community, I have decided to seek out munches but have not found any. Not just near me, but anywhere. Seems that nobody is doing munches anymore and I figure this can change if we all do something about...
  6. BinkyBoi

    Retail Nightmares

    They are inevitable. Can happen to anyone. And ruin our greatest of days. Retail nightmares!!!! Elaborate the utmost horrible, vile, rude, and at times inexplicably strange accounts of retail nightmares, whether customer or associate.
  7. BinkyBoi

    Godzilla Movies

    Anyone else into the Godzilla franchise? Not just the most recent American movies, but the B-rated Japanese movies all the way back to the original 1954 movie. I'm getting started myself and have seen both American movies (1998 and 2014) but decided to expand my experience of this franchise...
  8. BinkyBoi

    Silicon Pacifier Problem

    My favorite pacifier is made of silicon and it is actually losing its firmness. To the point it almost feels like latex now. I'm guessing it's replacing time?
  9. BinkyBoi

    A Sticky Situation!

    I would usually make this into a blog post, but since it requires immediate help, I figured I would make it a forum post instead to get the most feedback and assistance. So I recently got fired from my first job which was working at the county dump. My current supervisor was on vacation and a...
  10. BinkyBoi

    The Baby Bottle Problem?

    So I got another baby bottle and a pack of latex teats. I've been using apple juice and sweet tea for my bottles when I'm alone at night so I can relax, but I've been noticing the teat has been turning milky white. Again, I haven't been using milk at all in the bottle, but the nipple has gone...
  11. BinkyBoi

    Pacifier Question: Silicone Teat

    Today I received my birthday present two weeks early, breaking the tradition I tried starting last year. But since I got it today, I decided to use it. After boiling it for a couple minutes, I realized the silicone nipple is a bit. Not having much experience with silicone, I'm just asking what...
  12. BinkyBoi

    The Onesie Fad

    Has anyone else noticed that onesies are becoming more of a fashion statement amongst teens? I remember one time during class a guy to my left was asking his friend (a girl) to my right if guys wearing onesies were cool. She said yes. I remember thinking in my mind if I can just wear a onesie...
  13. BinkyBoi

    The Usual Question

    Well, a surprise coming since I just made a move more than a month ago, it looks like I'm moving again. After driving from Fl to NM, I went the trip with stopping for bathroom breaks every time i needed to. Now I'm making a day's drive to CA, I decided I want to go nonstop without succumbing to...
  14. BinkyBoi

    Advice for people new to being Furry?

    Despite not being new to ADISC, since I've been here for years now, I have decided maybe it's time to wade in the Furry pool a bit and explore. For those in it, what are some advice to getting into this and find a Fursona? What is being a Furry really about and what is some fun things involved...
  15. BinkyBoi

    Dream Help

    6 months ago today I graduated high school. It was very anti climatic as my little 5 seconds of the only fame I got never happened. The moment was built up for months and then, as I walked none of my senses worked. It was almost like a tunnel. But I did find out through a video that my family...
  16. BinkyBoi

    Great Idea for Halloween

    I was wondering if my new idea is too scary for some kids on Halloween. I'm getting a Guy Fawkes mask and with a full body suit underneath a jacket, I will pretend I am a human who's face was stolen by a spirit for trying to destroy a fictional jungle of magic. Because of this, I am forced to...
  17. BinkyBoi


    So last week I finished Season 2 of the Syfy show Continuum and it is pretty much one of my favorite shows ever. I mean, time travel, advanced technology, anarchist groups, Rachel Nichols. For those that don't know I'm going to try and keep the synopsis summarized and no spoilers. It's pretty...
  18. BinkyBoi

    Should I Do It?

    I've always been wanting a binky from PacifiersRUs, except I don't really hold on to my money well. I've been saving up and would like to buy one, but there is just one problem: I'm moving over to my dad's apartment across the country and he is very nosy. I grew up with him going into my room...
  19. BinkyBoi

    Technical Question Friend Can't Get On?

    I recommended ADISC to someone I just met on another social site who is AB. She said she tried after putting in all the correct info and agreed to the rules but it won't let her join. After a few failed attempts I offered to try it on my end and got the same result. She is 19 and is old enough...
  20. BinkyBoi

    A Treasure Trove

    I was just looking on the internet for some adult baby pride pictures and found this! A podcast for ABDL's!!!! I haven't listened to it yet but I will tonight. Enjoy!