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  1. claudy

    Playstation Network Hacked

    guess what my ps3 had multi AV cable in it, which was pretty usefull, as my tv came a few days later and well, HDMI cables cost something like.... 5 bucks at walmart or $any other store obviously not being walmart besides that, whats the whole fscking deal of confirming the generic image that...
  2. claudy

    Portal 2

    it seriously depends, though, if it supports steam, its gotta be good, or at least you get less bumraped than without steam. speaking of which, i should pick it up for the ps3, mainly so i can get it twice :_) (if the way i understood it is correct)
  3. claudy

    Portal 2

    i havetn bought it yet, yet i'd want to >.> though, its 30 euro if i was to order it trough the us, which is a tad too much of the good stuff for me atm :3
  4. claudy

    i need help installing xp on my laptop

    just out of curiosity, why would you want to install a 32 bit edition of an OS which is pretty much outdated and done for, yet retained for Legacy Compatability ? it might be a better plan to just obtain either legally or trough lesser legitimate sources; a copy of windows 7 SP1, x86-64...
  5. claudy

    humble indie bundle III aka humble frozenbyte bundle!

    has anyone bought the 3rd bundle yet ? ^_^
  6. claudy


    Doom is still one of my Favourite Classic games to play ^_^ i also carry a legal copy of a doom1 and 2 .wad on my PSP together with a copy of PSP-Legacy ^_^ (though, i technically still need to find a copy of an original Heretic and Hexen disk >.>
  7. claudy


    i play it, and like it :) (legit version) i got my own private Bukkit server running on my homenet with some plugins including the MagicCarpet :)
  8. claudy

    Find Makarov

    for one sec i thought it was about ^that guy, which is Makarov from Fairy Tail, but alas, no too bad
  9. claudy

    pokemon black/white

    i prolly should :_), but for now i should prolly see if i can catch another goodworking black version, as the one i had just... stopped working after i reset -.-
  10. claudy

    ASCII Star Wars.

    or download puTTy first, and enjoy the show in a Classical Terminal with teletype font :)
  11. claudy

    pokemon black/white

    i've played around a bit with a pie-ratted version of Black on my AK2i with AKAiO 1.8.6a they seem to be worthy of buying, which i'd prolly do if i had the money for it :) (and if they were out in the EU)
  12. claudy

    Just bought a PS3.

    conglaturations and welcome to the club ^____^
  13. claudy

    iPhone vs. Android Phone? Which is better?

    ^TL:DR.TRTRD:DR but yes, some also would claim that their intelvidia pentium dualcore with 8800GTST gfx would be supposedly faster than the tweaker them AMD Phenom II 1090T with Radeon HD 5870, just because the numbers are higher, or because brands are better than bare hands and that everyone...
  14. claudy

    iPhone vs. Android Phone? Which is better?

    thank goodness i was wearing a nappy when i read this. as i just lost involountary control of my bladder, due to a high load of lulzyness induced stupidity, which caused me to shoot into a state that can be described as laughing incontrollably. though, all seriousness on a stick. the antenna...
  15. claudy

    Wow it's true... JPN Devs are really lacking this gen....

    i guess i've been playing the wrong games then *yawn* also TL:DR, use more spaces, and use empty alineas in between yer lines, it makes it easier to read, and less dull and boring, and sounding less like some crappy milked out franchises would be supposedly superior to japanese games, (calling...
  16. claudy

    The Simpsons then and now... Who else thinks the show should DIE

    well, definitely NO the simpsons is Fine. even if it goes on for 21 seasons, and the jokes arent as funny as they used to be (it varies per episode) theres still more awfull trash and retardedness on tv, which should REALLY be canned, and preferably this season -.- one of them is ofcurse...
  17. claudy

    New games

    Fallout New Vegas, Rage, New Vegas DLC, Portal 2 anything else that might be worth playing? iDK. Maybe DOOM IV, but that will prolly not be here, for another 2-3 years :/
  18. claudy

    Halo Reach: Leaked.

    that would be as plausible as steve and bill announcing to opensource their entire line of operating systems :_)
  19. claudy

    Laptop Hard Drive Input

    i'd go for the WD one :), i got one for my old laptop (which i donated to my sister) and hell yeah! its bloody fast :) for as far as hitachi goes: i always keep in mind that ibm sold its harddrive division to Hitachi, after the deathstar fisco from the early 2000's -.-(wikilinkie)
  20. claudy

    Halo Reach: Leaked.

    lolwat that pic reminds me pretty pretty pretty many much of an id tech 3 based game for what accounts colourusage now lets just not hope that the gameplay reminds too much of that great Space shooter featuring the BFG 10K as that would be... :3