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  1. Noodle

    ABU Mexico

    Bit odd that never popped up on the forums but seems Mexico is getting its own branch of ABU. Thoughts on this?
  2. Noodle

    Splatoon 2 Friends?

    Hola! Recently acquired a Switch with Splatoon 2 and was wondering if there were any other Splatoon players on the forums. The game is fun and all but doing Salmon Runs and Turf/Ranked alone gets kinda boring so who would like to play some matches every now and then!
  3. Noodle

    Yugioh Duelists! Thoughts On Link Monsters And If Your Deck Will Survive?

    So I'm sure ADISC is bound to happen a good number of YGO players that have played in the current meta, so I was wondering what do you think about the upcoming Link additions, rule changes and will your deck survive? I personally play Morphtronics, a Fairy Burn(Not ritual) and a Frightfur deck...
  4. Noodle

    Finding a Caretaker/Daddy/Mommy?

    Hello There! Its been a while since I've been involved in the ADISC community and a good while since ever interacting with the Little side of life and have recently decided to get a bit back into it since a friend kinda convinced me to give it a try again but unlike the past where things fell...
  5. Noodle

    Any fellow Space Ninjas out there?

    Hello there folks, Recently I have gotten into a game about being Ninjas in space. Well more like running in cool suits with powers while slicing and shooting my way through baddies, that game is Warframe[If you don't know what it is check it out: Warframe on Steam <its bit of a grind game atm>...
  6. Noodle

    Finding the Diaper That Fits You!

    Diapers, Padding, Pillow Underwear... Whatever you call it we always know that there is one kind out there that we can always trust on doing the job be it comfort, holding in urine or even to use it as the replacement for the bathroom but as always not each person holds the same one as the best...
  7. Noodle

    Diapers and the Myth of "Unpotty Training"

    Hello Noodle Here! Today I noticed a thread about someone wanting to wet themselves during their sleep. Now many things pop up when you see and read these kind of threads. Some people react with telling the person that most methods that will guarantee success are dangerous to the person and...
  8. Noodle

    New Get + Semi-Review!

    Hello People! Noodle here once again with a thread about a new find and buy that might interest some of you people who are not of part of the skinny end of life. Recently during one of my walks in the asian district of my city I happened to fall upon a brand of diapers and being the person I...
  9. Noodle

    Glastonbury+UK Backpacking?

    Heya Guys! Noodle here once again with another thread in the off topic section, Lately I've been thinking of what I want to do with the upcoming year and well as the title implies, Glastonbury (Most folks from the UK might know what I'm talking about) and a Backpack Trip in the UK but dunno...
  10. Noodle

    Noodle Enters Team Fortress 2

    Well hello there random peoples of ADISC Recently I have joined the fun filled world of Team Fortress 2. Bored of having no game I decided to give it a go, also I didnt really have money so free sounded nice compared to paying. Its been a fun run so far and I havent really had complaints on the...
  11. Noodle

    Suggestion ADISC Translators?

    Heya there once again its Noodle with another darn Suggestion! :smile1: For the most part my suggestion is simple and to the point, get some of our community members to help as ADISC translators to help those who do not know or can barely speak the English language. I've already stumbled upon...
  12. Noodle

    Goodnites are Bad?

    Hello there Noodle here once again with some hopefully useful info for the world of people who love wearing diapers! :smile1: Most of the time when I hear people mention Goodnites people tend to go negative on them for these common reasons: (OMG I KNOW BULLETINS) :detective3 They're not Tapes...
  13. Noodle

    Suggestion Idea for our New Members: What Do You Think?

    Hello Noodle here once again with another idea but this time its for our lovely website "ADISC" and the newbies that join our site. Recently I posted up a tiny thread in the TB forums that answered some of our most common questions, after reading the response set up by Fruitkitty I realized...
  14. Noodle

    Noods Needs Your Help

    Hey there peoples from the computer world Ive finally hit a problem that i couldnt fix A Bricked Psp everyone i ask says you need a Pandora battery and a magic memory stick im like damN!!!!!!!!!!! it wont go to recovery so im wondering is there a way to unbrick it without a Pandora
  15. Noodle


    Dont know if there is a thread yet for this but what is your Fursona My Fursona: Name:Noodle Species:Panda Cub Age:10 Appearance:Black and Red Fur with a little 3 leag clover mark on right hand Im just a funfilled panda furry. I love nothing more but to play and find new friends. I will fight...
  16. Noodle

    Its Me(Introduction)

    Well ive never have gotten around to introducing myself. Well Im Honoka for the moment but i go by my nickname most of the time. I am mostly known as Noodle. I am a DL,TB, and a brand new Furry =p Enough of my DL stuff lol Well like i said lets leave my name at Noodle Im a crazy teen with the...
  17. Noodle

    New To Furry World

    Hey there peoples Ive recently realized i am a furry but im still new to it so dont still know how you guys work here in the furry forum so can you help a newbie out =p
  18. Noodle

    Hey there Furry Peoples

    Well Ummm Hello Fur Peoples =p Im not really a fur myself but i do find it interesting i really like furry animals but dont think to the point i would wear it but it wont hurt to try Question: What are the ups and downs of being a furry?
  19. Noodle

    Your Favorite Diaper/Your Worst Diaper

    Hey there want to know what is your most favorite diaper and which is your worst diaper in your mind
  20. Noodle

    runescape dl/ab clan

    i am making a runescape clan wondering whi would be interested Also need a name for the clan my name is Noodle23 I'm a mem contact me ---------- Post added at 02:31 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:59 AM ---------- This Clan Is Also For Free Members So DOnt Be Afraid To Join I Will Make...