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  1. ptarmigan

    So a question regarding an issue I had...

    Back a few years ago I used to be mildly incontinent, induced by me "holding it". It was a weird habit that I picked up from somewhere. I guess I liked the feeling a lot or something. Anyways, I used to hold it to extremes which would eventually cause me to "leak" quite a bit, requiring me to...
  2. ptarmigan

    Question! About starting out!

    I'm thinking about possibly getting something for me and a friend to have some "fun" some night. Not sure whether or not I will, but I wanted to know what would be a good "rear-end-protector" to start off with. :) Also any other things that you think would compliment the experience would be...
  3. ptarmigan

    Does anyone use Teethers

    I find them effective in preventing me from chewing through wires due to my strong urge to chew on things. It's very hard to control, and I used to chew through wires and break headphones in a few months. Teethers are great, I take them off of toys and they fit my mouth better than the small...
  4. ptarmigan

    Hi hi

    I am Ptarmigan, the greatest birdie in the whole world. It's a white bird that changes colour from winter to summer. Anyways hello folks! cheep cheep~ Not much else to really say. Honestly I'm terrible with introductory topics. :p