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  1. wackoreese

    Why does it seem all the US suppliers are having constant stock issues?

    ABU - out of stock except for smalls and a few exceptions. Crinklz (via northshore) backordered. Tykables says shipping march but even then I'm not sure that'd be accurate. Bambino has no stock indicator so one could only wonder. So far I've seen very little stocking issues for all other...
  2. wackoreese

    Going to try out "omorashi omutsu" tonight

    After reading several experiences with omorashi omutsu I"m going to try it out tonight. I've never had a genuine accident and this will be first time doing it. Anyone else have any experience with it?
  3. wackoreese

    Had first public leak.. the stall at least. Worst thing is that there wasnt ANY toilet paper left and the stalls had massive gaps. I stopped going as soon as I started leaking but not even 15 minutes later I've got an urge. And the right tape is popping off since it got wet. Worst thing is I forgot to pack duct...
  4. wackoreese

    Wet the bed for the first time since toddler age last night. Why?

    I was in a dream related to last night's storm which knocked down trees onto power lines and we believe a weak tornado may have blown threw. There was random puddles of both wet and dried up pee throughout the house. For some odd reason I decided to walk up to a random trash can in the dream to...
  5. wackoreese

    How long does bambino's "free" shipping take to get to texas?

    If I order today and it ships tomorrow (probably will) would it get here on or before friday? Need to no since I'll leave friday afternoon and be gone until monday afternoon and am wondering if it will come before then.
  6. wackoreese

    Drinking and diapers

    Probably the best thing ever since I became legal age 2 days ago. I had no idea alcohol made your kidneys go insane and just flood out urine. I had to go 5 times yesterday in one hour after *one* miller lite. Since it was pretty much pure water it held so much more and the feeling is...
  7. wackoreese

    Medium diapers have tape overlap on me

    I happen to be in the group where even the smallest (medium in this case) bambinos/ABU/etc.. have the top tapes pretty much overlap trying to get a tight fit and the bottom tapes aren't far behind. This always makes the leak guards loose and I'm having to ductape a third and sometimes even...
  8. wackoreese

    Even the medium sized diapers are "too big" on me

    It's annoying trying to jerry-rig a 3rd set of tapes using ductape to keep the elastic bands from lifting off. I found a link on google pointing to ABU's article saying they have small size now. But every diaper linked on the article doesn't have a small size. Is there any ab/dl themed or adult...
  9. wackoreese

    New pampers diaper

    I was shopping in walmart yesterday getting some snacks and a phone charger. I passed by the baby department and noticed there was pampers premium. Later I looked it up on google and a page on pampers' website claims it's the their best diaper compared to their other ones. A few reviews from...
  10. wackoreese

    Discretely disposing diapers

    I've got a spot to hide them in my room (in a suitcase in one of my closets), but the problem is moving them from there into the main trashcan. Currently (most) are sealed up in a few layers of garbage bags to help lessen the smell, but I'm trying to get rid of them this sunday (our...
  11. wackoreese

    Clinging to stuffed animals

    These guys are hard to let go. I can't sleep without my unicorn at night otherwise I'll just toss and turn and become insomniac for part of the night. When it came in the mail, my dad said "Oh, I always wanted a daughter" in kind of a worried tone. Then he goes on to rant on "oh, it's pink.."...
  12. wackoreese

    Hello there!

    Hi! I'm just another young guy from big 'ol Texas who has been interested in AB/DL stuff for a few years now. A while back I was curious about diapers and decided to try one on. I did my best to hide it and felt out of place because I had never heard of the terms ABDL in my life. I began to...