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  1. plasticsounds

    Talk me out of a purge

    Joining the chorus. Don`t purge. Spend some non-diaper influenced time considering a proper hiding place. Then you can keep your diapers and your secret until your ready again.
  2. plasticsounds

    My Role Model

    I like littlelolicat a lot. She's been through some tough times and still seems as positive as ever. The arse is nice as well. I mean diaper.
  3. plasticsounds

    Any just plain diaper lovers here? Not little, AB, or IC, just a lover.

    I'm a DL. AB appeals to me, but getting in to the headspace is hard. The uninvited adult brain interrupts constantly. As far as diapers. Bambino Classico are my favorite. Good performance, mostly white, a hint of baby with the landing strip. Don't get me wrong, most of the AB printed diapers...
  4. plasticsounds

    Snuggies (now Tykables) diapers

    The packaging! Yes, this is the hesitation with opening. They did such a good job. It made me sad that they couldn't use the name. Selling makes me uncomfortable. I always get upset when I see how much they charge per diaper on eBay for items you could buy from the actual company for less...
  5. plasticsounds

    Almost caught

    Over the years on this site, I have discussed this subject a few times. Diapers, although something I will never be able to give up, will always be a part of my life. My wife knows, but does not like it. Periodically asks if I have given it up. Here's the thing. My vanilla life is my actual...
  6. plasticsounds

    Snuggies (now Tykables) diapers

    To begin, I am not a diaper collector. I know some of you are, so this is why I am starting this thread. When Snuggies came out, I was very excited and purchased a few packs. I liked them very much, but I was heavier then and they were a bit tight. When they lost the ability to use the name, I...
  7. plasticsounds

    Where is everyone from

    Los Angeles
  8. plasticsounds

    Bickiepegs Teethers?

    Last night while working late, a colleague told me that one of the new guys had a great story about a previous boss of his. I have never met his boss, but I am familiar with people around him. After some convincing, the new guy proceeds to tell the brief story. When he worked for the previous...
  9. plasticsounds

    Special packs of diapers or individual ones

    Louder the better as far as I'm concerned.
  10. plasticsounds

    Curious about cloth diapers

    Absoltuely. I meant plastic vs a PUL or other non-plastic waterproof layer. The public service announcement about wearing something waterproof over (not under) cloth diapers should not be ignored.
  11. plasticsounds

    Curious about cloth diapers

    Cloth were my childhood diapers. Disposables were newer and more expensive in the 70s. I absolutely LOVE the feeling of a nice thick cloth diaper pinned on and a crinkly pair of plastic pants to cover them. For me you gotta have the plastic. Be prepared for a completely different wetting...
  12. plasticsounds

    What would you repeat in your life in a diaper if you could?

    Back when my child was born, I was very stressed out and basically took a couple of years off from diapers. I spent many days home alone with them while my wife was at work. I think back during those times and wonder what it would have been like to mirror my child's day. Wear diapers with them...
  13. plasticsounds

    Shaving for guys?

    I use the same type of razor as my wife, Gilette Venus. The wide lubricated base prevents nicks and yet it still can get into tight spots. The berries require some care, but I have never had a serious issue keeping them smooth. As we are learning, your mileage may vary.
  14. plasticsounds

    Crotch diaper pics

    It's interesting to me how wide of a range there is on this subject. Having a disagreement about how we look at diapers may speak volumes as to our levels of acceptance for those diapers. Generally, I am not a fan of crotch shots. When I see one of an older man with an ill-fitting diaper, hairy...
  15. plasticsounds

    HR Manager

    You should still talk to HR.
  16. plasticsounds

    How old are you guys currently?

    50. Never needed them, always desired them. Was out of them before my brother was born. We shared a room. I was caught at least once trying to put one of his diapers on. Busted. There was this whole thing with my grandmother that is too long and complicated to get in to now. Basically...
  17. plasticsounds

    Last Summer

    Agreed. In fact, writing this gave me other ideas for stories. I am working on them now.
  18. plasticsounds

    Last Summer

    CHAPTER 11 “The pacifier seems a little much.” Joan said with a concerned tone. “I know, but he really seems to enjoy having it. For whatever reason, the more complete his regression, the happier he is,” explained Theresa. “You are telling me that there are more steps to this? Sippy cups...
  19. plasticsounds

    Last Summer

    Don't be too impressed kirigaya, The story is actually done. I have been acting like Disney+ and instead of offering the binge, I am releasing it piece by piece. In fact, since I don't like endless stories, this one is almost done. Here are the last two chapters together. Thank you all for...
  20. plasticsounds

    less crinkly ABDL diapers?

    Never tried Northshore MegaMax. The last diaper I bought from them was a while ago. They were super absorbent, but not that noisy. Now You have me excited. I may go shopping later this week.