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  1. J

    Thought this was interesting!

    Came across this article and it immediately peeked my interest. I always love it when ABDL related activities enter the main stream, especially when it's presented in a way that non ABDL's can relate to...
  2. J

    Ever been caught?

    Hey guys, was wondering if anyone has ever been caught or had someone find thier stash. I have had some close calls. Just curious how it went.
  3. J

    What age??

    What age were you when you were potty trained and what age did you start to want to wear diapers again? For me I was 3 when I was potty trained and began my obsession with getting and wearing diapers when I was 5
  4. J

    Hello all

    I havent been on in a while, not much of a social guy. But do want to get back into talking with others in the community. My ab side started at about 5 years old, I imagine triggered by many embarrassing accidents at home and school. Diapers became an escape and a way to feel secure. I am now...