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    Happy to meet you too, DVenus.
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    Hmm, I thought I was active on here before

    Welcome back and congratulations on your skill set.
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    I hope you find what you are looking for here.
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    hello, not sure where to start

    Rambly? Not in the least. i would say lucid, articulate, forthright and inquisitive, none of which are easy to achieve when dealing with something that is intensely personal and difficult to come to terms with. Welcome.
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    Just in case

    If you are wearing soft plastic pants (Fetware or Leakmaster for example) crinkling really should not be a problem.
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    best diaper for heavy urinary ic

    Tena Ultima with plastic pants are just about foolproof.
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    Brain dump

    I have tried pointes a nouer and did not find them very effective for bedwetting. But now that I know they are called snibbars, how could I could I resist something so charming? - - - Updated - - - Same goes for “taffeta embossed vinyl”.
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    Hey folks

    I share your penchant for privacy. Welcome.
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    I nominate you for employee of the month.
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    How would you feel if we had a ABDL bar?

    No long wait for the restroom.
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    always discreet night over adult training panty and drynite plastic pants
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    Which size of Tena should I use ?

    sphere-sante in France is very good about providing samples
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    Brain dump

    Thanks for the graduate seminar in plastic pants!
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    The world needs more DL redheads. Welcome.
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    Sparks fly from your fingertips!
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    high marks for your intro, iraina!
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    Another DL makes the news

    My heart dropped when I saw it
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    greetings from France

    Bienvenue Mimi!
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Tena Ultima and Suprima plastic panty.
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    I suppose I'm a bit of an odd bird

    Hi Carol, You don't sound the least bit crazy. Welcome.