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  1. flauschig

    Phew, I needed that!

    hihi same 4 me im glad im just DL, so when it hits me ill do it. and if not, i wont do it - this easy. I know 4 sure that today it will "hit" me :D But in the evening, not now - have to go to work now :D cya
  2. flauschig

    Late night walks!

    what did you/sypl mean by regularly enocuntered ? -> for me, i did it just a few times until today. i live in a city with 340.000 inhabitants where you cant be alone, but thats the thrill anyways
  3. flauschig

    if you could stop liking diapers

    if i would have the possibility to abandon it without any bad consequences ... i think i probably would. there are many fetishes, and diapers is just one of it - could be interesting to move on, get to know some other fetishes you know ?! :D
  4. flauschig

    YOUR Stash!

    some "Tena Slips" - my favourite as well as these "Seni"-diapers - cant say which sub-label xD some for the day, and some for the night ...
  5. flauschig

    Hello, i'm flauschig (ger)

    I'm a DL from Bochum, Germany. I finally managed to create an account here and for some reasons i think i took just the right step. Coming from a little german forum, its great too see even more people with same interests as me :) :thumbsup: hope to see ya, flauschig