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  1. hex000f

    would you like to be changed by another person?

    Yes. Its not fun to change myself
  2. hex000f

    Should being an ABDL be looked into the government as a disability?

    I think that would be a very bad idea and hurt the ABDL community greatly. There was a major backlash when a ABDL who was on welfare, for legitimate reasons, appeared on a documentary TV show. If anything we need a prominent celebrity or sports star to come out and show the world that successful...
  3. hex000f

    My therapist says that diapers and regression are healthy

    Sounds like all of you got the long end of the stick with therapists and I got the short end. At least there are some therapists out there who understand ABDL
  4. hex000f

    Toilet Training Age Poll?

    Didn't you read the first article? Its because children who were trained younger tend to hold for far too long.
  5. hex000f

    Must try diapers?

    I tried Rearz Alpaca recently and would highly recommend them
  6. hex000f

    What way do you like to put a diaper on?

    Standing up but I do use a full length mirror to see what I'm doing
  7. hex000f

    Recommended furry conventions for babyfurs/diaperfurs?

    I'm not much of a convention person but its nice to know that these exist
  8. hex000f

    Having trouble enjoying pacificers, help please

    I want to try to enjoy sucking on a pacifier when I'm in a babyish mood but I find that I tend to breath through my mouth more then my nose and that ruins it for me. I wish I could enjoy pacifiers more then I do though. Maybe taking decongestants before would help? Does anyone have tips for me?
  9. hex000f

    My first mega max!

    Personally I feel that they are not as soft on the inside as some other brands such as ABU and Rearz but they are by no means a bad choice.
  10. hex000f

    Do you poop your diaper purposely?

    Honestly for me, all other things being equal wearing diapers but not pooping in them sounds unnatural in my personal opinion. I enjoy both peeing and pooping in my diapers as well as being changed after one or both of those events happen. I don't take pleasure in changing myself but that's what...
  11. hex000f

    Toilet Training Age Poll?

    Its good to see that 3 has the most votes and depressing to see 2 so close to it. I've read from various sources listed below that training before 3 promotes all sorts of bad bladder and bowel habits and heard that its more difficult for both parent and child. I passed the below sources onto...
  12. hex000f

    Outed to family so locked in?

    If you want to work things out with your parents, as others have said the best way is to be honest with them. Unless you think they will take it badly e.g. they are rigidly religious and old fashioned if you bring it up confidently and be ready to answer questions you'll be much better off.
  13. hex000f

    Question about a past Rearz controversy

    I was reading an old thread about people weighing the ethics of Rearz and people frequently cited the attempts at copyrighting the term ABDL or something along those lines as a mistake at best and something evil at worst. was the...
  14. hex000f

    Best way to mess?

    I'd say either without any sort of help or with suppositories depending on your preference. I know from experience that enemas, even small ones, just don't feel the same where as a suppository makes it easier to poop without making feel too different.
  15. hex000f

    Thoughts on Megamax diapers?

    I also recommend them. They fit me and have good absorbency. My only criticism is that ABDL diapers are usually softer but you stop noticing that after a bit.
  16. hex000f

    Diaper/Wipe/Pull-Up/Whatever commercial appreciation/sharing thread

    This one is very recent but I thought it was cute:
  17. hex000f

    Are pull ups real diapers ?

    I believe I made a similar post in another thread like this: In short my opinion is that pull-ups imply that the subject is trying to potty train or at a bare minimum not use their diaper 100% of the time where is (tape on) diapers don't. Theoretically one could use pull-ups without trying to...
  18. hex000f

    Where is the PM/DM button?

    As the title says, I can't find the PM/DM button when I click on a member's profile. Do we have this feature?
  19. hex000f

    [Finished] Milo's Story - The Beginning

    I like it so far. Your English sounded just fine to me. Looking forward to the next chapter ( :
  20. hex000f

    ABUniverse PeekABU Advanced Diaper Review

    Does anyone have a guess when these will be back in stock in size L?