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  1. SimCo

    Coming full circle: learning to "just let go"

    I've had fantasies of wearing diapers and being changed by a babysitter since I was in preschool. I took a few precious opportunities to sneak diapers during my child and pre-teen years, but I usually either got caught in the act or the evidence was discovered later. I discovered when I...
  2. SimCo

    Rearz Elite Dinosaur

    I absolutely LOVE these diapers. The swelling is immense and the absorbency is unbelievable. This is the first diaper I’ve worn where I didn’t feel like a booster was necessary. The leak guards and fit around my legs were awesome as well. I didnt leak so much as a drop after a day of heavy...
  3. SimCo

    How is this rear bulge even possible?

    Anyone have any idea how to get this epic rear bulge? It looks like he’s maybe wearing an XL diaper over a smaller diaper but I can’t be sure.
  4. SimCo

    I Love Little Pawz!

    I just have to let everyone know, that ABU’s Little Pawz diapers are my all-time favorite diaper! Most importantly, I love them because they can absorb more liquid before they start leaking than any other diaper I’ve ever tried! The tapes are also rock-solid, and they have never ripped or...
  5. SimCo

    Powder vs. Lotion - What's the Difference

    When I first started wearing as an adult, I lavished myself with baby powder because the smell and process of getting powdered put me in a babyish place. Now I just use a diaper rash cream and no powder, but I am not sure if this is optimal. Can any of the experience diaper wearers explain in...
  6. SimCo

    My ABDL Story: A Memoir

    This post is meant to be a catharsis of my 31 years of experience as a secret ABDL. It is pretty long, but I plan to share this story in hopes of promoting a better understanding of our community by the medical/psychiatric community, so I wanted to be comprehensive. This post is mainly for the...
  7. SimCo

    Nanny for Hire

    For as long as I have been ABDL (as long as I can remember) I have wished that I could have a loving, nurturing mommy/babysitter play along with my fantasies and change me, feed me, baby talk to me, etc. I have never been lucky enough to find this person through ordinary relationships. Recently...
  8. SimCo

    Romper that ships in the US

    I am looking for a good diaper cover/plastic pants/romper to buy and I need suggestions. I really like the look of the attached romper but I have had trouble getting Adult Baby Shop to ship to the US. Does anyone have any suggestions for where I could get something similar? I am looking for...
  9. SimCo

    Advice on ABDL Dating

    I am just testing the waters with trying to meet other ABDLs like myself, and I need some advice. I am a 30 year old straight male and I am looking to meet an ABDL female to discuss our shared experiences. I am not looking for anything sexual right now, nor am I a creep desperately looking for a...
  10. SimCo

    Rearz safari leak?

    I have read rave reviews of the Rearz safari as being a contender for best abdl diaper on the market right now. I got a case and was very excited to try it out. While the diaper seems to have all the premium diaper attributes, I have had leaks on three occasions now from this diaper. Has anyone...
  11. SimCo

    Nighttime wearing: comfort vs. capacity

    For most of my diaper wearing years, I have gravitated toward so-called "nighttime" diapers, which have extra-high capacity designed to handle a night full of wettings. However, I have found I am not able to sleep in these diapers. I love wearing and wetting them during the day, but I am unable...
  12. SimCo

    Diagnose Me

    I have long pondered whether I am predominantly a DL or an AB. I remember wanting to wear diapers and pull-ups from my earliest recollections (age 4-5). As a teenager I could not resist the urge to steal/wear diapers from my grandparents bathroom or anywhere else I could get my hands on them. I...
  13. SimCo

    Waddler thoughts

    A few weeks ago I bought a Cuddlz Waddler Onezie and a Nuk 6 baby bottle. I promptly forgot about them until they arrived in the mail today and I tried them out. I have to admit I am a little disappointed by the waddler. While it is a little hot (fleece but very soft) I find the waddler to be...
  14. SimCo

    Rearz Safari vs Rearz Princess

    I've got a pack of rearz safari coming in and I was thinking about trying the princess as well. Is there any difference between these two diapers other than the color/art on the outside? Are they just the same diaper in different print or do they have different features?
  15. SimCo

    New generation of ultra-premium diapers

    I have recently returned to the abdl community after a two year diaper drought. Just before I had to give up diapers a few years back, the Abu space and little pawz diapers had recently come out. I found these new diaper models to be revolutionary in comfort, performance, fit, and babyishness...
  16. SimCo

    Mental illness and my abdl side

    For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with long periods of depression that started for no apparent reason and seemed I last forever. Also from as long as I can remember from my very earliest memories, I have harbored a secret and recurring desire to be diapered. Both of these facts are...
  17. SimCo

    Back in diapers after a long hiatus

    In the past few years, I fell on some hard times due to a mood disorder that prevented me from being able to work full time. As a result I had to sell my house and not only start sharing a house with other people, but also having to share a bedroom with another person. I really missed my privacy...
  18. SimCo

    How do I Get a HUGE Mess?

    If you don't like messing threads, read no further. Like most members of this forum, I seldom mess my diaper due to the inconvenience of the immediate and thorough cleanup required after. However, nothing quite makes me feel like a little boy in need of diapers like making a big mess in my...
  19. SimCo

    Elastic waistband in rear?

    I know that having elastic waistbands on both the front and back of a diaper is considered a plus, but I'm not sure what function the elastic actually serves. Can someone shed some light on this subject?
  20. SimCo

    Update on My Search for a Onesie and Plastic Pants

    A few months ago I posted a thread sharing my experience with shopping for anti-leak accessories, namely plastic pants and a onesie. The thread can be found here, but it is now closed. To recap, I bought a onesie from Baby Pants and a pair of plastic pants from Fetware. The onesie ended up...