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  1. NikonFilmPhotog

    What do you think your getting for Christmas or want for Christmas?

    In conjunction with my other thread about Christmas gifts I was wondering about the receiving end of Christmas. I'm pretty sure I'll be receiving an Elecraft KX1 ham radio kit, Nikon SB-600 flash, Kodak HC-110 developer solution and an iPad 3G. I am hoping for a Belltronics STi Driver radar...
  2. NikonFilmPhotog

    What are you giving out for Christmas?

    Last year we had a thread speculating what you were going to receive for Christmas and I thought it would be cool to see what you will be giving this year instead of receiving. So what will you be giving and to whom will you be giving it to? I'll be giving a quilt to my partner that I will...
  3. NikonFilmPhotog

    Bambino Offering Secure X-Plus & Molicare Super Plus Now

    I was checking the Bambino site today and noticed that they now are selling the Secure X-Plus and will be offering the Molicare Super Plus soon. It seems to me that they may become a single source for all super absorbent diapers. Yay! :biggrin:
  4. NikonFilmPhotog

    Suggestion Would you like to be able to click profile response information and shown a list of members with the same response?

    Before the Vbulletin 4 upgrade you were able to click any of the profile responses and you were shown a list with members that had the same information listed. I've talked with Moo about this and he is willing to work on it if there is demand. I've created a poll and want to know if this is...
  5. NikonFilmPhotog

    Study:1 in 4 Grown men travel with a stuffed animal

    Saw this in the news this evening: Bedtime Story: 1-in-4 Grown Men Travel With a Stuffed Animal "Travelodge surveyed 6,000 Britons and discovered that 35 percent of adults admitted they sleep with their teddy because they found cuddling their bear comforting. Additionally, many said the...
  6. NikonFilmPhotog

    Kids.Woot! may have an AB working for them

    I check woot! everyday and found this today: A MAN’S SECRET LOVE I wish I knew how to quit quilt When people look at me, what do you think they see? A strong, successful, self-made, self-sufficient, alpha male, damn straight. I’ve made and lost small fortunes. I’ve fought and won difficult...
  7. NikonFilmPhotog

    What to do with non fitting diapers?

    After trying to fit into medium diapers comfortably I have come to the decision that large are my size. Now the question is what do I do with 7 medium Bambino's and 17 medium Depend maximum protection 6 tape diapers? I've thought of giving them away here but I don't want the hassle of sending...
  8. NikonFilmPhotog

    Need Hourglass Shaped Cloth Diaper Recommendation

    I'm looking for a cloth adult diaper that is hourglass shaped and has velcro closure. I won't be using the diaper for wetting or messing initially. I want to wear a fitted cloth diaper as underwear instead of regular underwear. I normally prefer a disposable when I'm going to use the diaper as a...
  9. NikonFilmPhotog

    Strange Situation - Peeing while laying down/sitting

    I have experienced something strange with my temporary un-potty training. By temporary I mean that I don't want to give up/loose control permanently, I want to be able to use diapers to the fullest extent when I'm wearing diapers. I can pee standing up and I am able to pee while laying down on...
  10. NikonFilmPhotog

    Migraines & Headaches - Do you suffer?

    I suffer from migraines and was wondering how many are fellow sufferers and what have you done to help stopping them. My triggers are sugar, low blood sugar, and high temps. I take amitriptyline every night as a preventive and Maxalt at the beginning of my migraines if I don't think I can work...
  11. NikonFilmPhotog

    Perpetuum Jazzile - Toto Africa Performance

    Check out this performance of Toto's Africa: YouTube - Perpetuum Jazzile - Africa (live, HQ)
  12. NikonFilmPhotog

    What makes you most regressed?

    While I haven't fully figured out what makes me fully regressed yet I used to think that it was messing that would be fully regressing for me. After having some experience with messing I don't think that it fully regresses me. I like to wear a onesie and use a pacifier while sleeping with my...
  13. NikonFilmPhotog

    Nuk 5 Hissing Sound

    My Nuk 5 hisses when I suckle it. Is this common or do I have a defective one?
  14. NikonFilmPhotog

    Question On Incontinent Shaving

    In my studying and reading online it is recommended that you shave your hair when wearing to prevent odors being absorbed into the hairs. Do those of you that are incontinent keep clean shaven all of the time to stop any possible smell absorption or is it really not needed?
  15. NikonFilmPhotog

    Just got my PSPgo & Gran Turismo

    Yay! I'm excited I just got my PSPgo & Gran Turismo! :smile: Anyone else buy the PSPgo today?
  16. NikonFilmPhotog

    Proper Fitting Of A Diaper

    I have purchased both medium and large from Bambino and wanted to get an opinion on what size I should order now. I'm a waist size 38 and the mediums fit tight and cut into my legs which is slightly painful in the groin are due to my large butt. When I put the mediums on 1-2 tapes will stretch...
  17. NikonFilmPhotog

    Moo & all of the admins - Thank you!

    I wanted to take a minute and thank Moo and all of the admins - Moo and all of the administrators make this a very nice place to be. I am a member of alot of forums and mostly lurk except here. With all of the effort that Moo and the admins put into this site it makes it a place I want to be...
  18. NikonFilmPhotog

    Ignore threads in certain forums?

    Is there a way to ignore certain forums so that threads in those forums are not included in your unread posts since last visit count? For example I am not into RP and don't really need updated on the RP forum. Is there a way to ignore new posts/updates from the RP forum in my unread posts feature?
  19. NikonFilmPhotog

    Disappointed: Didn't get a birthday greeting from ADISC

    I surprised that ADISC did not send me a birthday greeting on my birthday. I am a member of other forums that use that same software and I received greetings from the other forums. It would seem that as an age and birthday concerned forum that a greeting could be sent out. Am I out of line...
  20. NikonFilmPhotog

    Reading ADISC at work/school

    I'm IT/Internet director at the company I work for. I don't have a private office so I don't read ADISC at work I use my iPhone - what a pain. Do any of you read at work/school or do you wait until you get home?