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  1. tykeboy123

    Where can I buy this awesome diaper

    Hi can anyone enlighten me as to where I could possibly find this diaper, and any other fact about it and its origins would be appreciated, I screenshot it off of converter ups website but do not want to pay 9$ for a single diaper and am wondering if its vintage or where it came from, also can...
  2. tykeboy123

    Help Finding diaper tape images.

    Hey just wondering if anyone could drop a url where I could find some diaper tapes to print and put on my own plain white adult diapers. A tutorial if possible would be nice to although I believe its pretty self explanatory on how to do it it would still be comforting to have that.. I use to see...
  3. tykeboy123

    Need help (pull up)

    I would love some reccomendations for a good discreet diaper to wear to work I currently wear 24/7 almost aside from when I’m at work and want to make that transition to 24/7 for real, I know goodnites are super discreet and no one would ever know but I think they are so ugly is there anything...
  4. tykeboy123


    The changes to the gaming threads in the forum is such booty why take it down like that and throw it in discord I loved comming on here to talk about games and potential find Somone to play with, I just don’t see the point really as a newbie to adisc I’m contemplating now going to a game forum...
  5. tykeboy123

    Medical/non ab/dl diapers ?

    I know very little about non abdl specific adult diapers as I have only used the ones I occasionally pickup at goodwill and that’s just a crapshoot because of my lack in knowledge, I hear people talk about Tena and I got some of those before from goodwill they were like a bluish turquoise color...
  6. tykeboy123

    Michigan get together??

    I would love to get more involved with the community it’s always been very hard for me to do that as I tend to hide my abdl from my peers and I have lived as a low key abdl before I even knew that term even existed (since forever) I feel almost like what I’d imagine a gay guy would feel who...
  7. tykeboy123

    I get annoyed

    When I hear about people who just turned abdl overnight or see girls on tumblr who out of nowhere turned abdl one day no partner or nothing they just were bored and picked it up for some reason , I was born abdl just like some people are born gay or the wrong sex it wasn’t purposely it’s just...
  8. tykeboy123

    Are nuks modifiable

    I’m just wondering if I can easily modify a nuk pacifier with an adult teet like I have with others ones before anyone have experience with this or is anybody able to mention some baby pacis that are easily modifiable thanx
  9. tykeboy123

    Bethesda’s Doom on gamepass

    Just thought I’d throw that out there they just added it . It’s a decent game worth playing Bethesda makes great FPS with beautiful graphics cough* (wolfenstein) cough * 👼🏼
  10. tykeboy123

    Recore! A underrated game ??

    I’m playing recore right now as I jumped on a deal Xbox had for 3 month of gamepass for 9.99, I’m trying to milk those three months even though I’ve played most titles on there worth playing, I always like the look of recore and the emphasis it has on platforming that resembles what many retro...
  11. tykeboy123

    It can’t be just me ??

    I every once and awhile see Somone at the store buying diapers and wonder if they’re an abdl.
  12. tykeboy123

    My abdl coffee table

    I was looking a my coffee table today and though wow Im not really hiding much about being abdl , I bet most of you in this forum would be able to tell, sometimes it’s a little fun to flaunt your little secret and sometimes it feels go just to do you and love out loud of course it’s not always...
  13. tykeboy123

    Obscure/hidden [email protected] gamepass

    I just signed up for gamepass once again because I couldn’t resist the 9.99 for 3 months deal they just had a lot of the bigger titles Iv already played through but was wondering if anyone could throw out some less recognized / obscure/ hidden gem type games that are on gamepass ?
  14. tykeboy123

    30 oz= 887.026 ml

    Changing times diaper company’s website states that both the crinklz auquanauts and and astronauts diapers have “30 oz liquid capacity” is this like a misleading way to phrase things because most sites will state how much their diapers hold in milliliters is a diapers capacity in ozs different...
  15. tykeboy123

    Buying wholesale alibaba?

    I have made inquiries about buying diapers in wholesale in hopes of saving some money from a couple suppliers on alibaba and was wondering if anyone else has tried or even possibly had luck in this area either through alibaba or anywhere else, the lady I got through to who offered what she said...
  16. tykeboy123

    Hi Stephen Here

    Hey my name is Stephen I'm a 26 year old working class male, I live in mid western Michigan. Iv been an abdl all my live since very early childhood and really wish I had/can gain more opportunity to connect and talk to like minded people within this community. I am a hardcore gamer when it comes...