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    Anyone know how to make a good baby bouncer?

    If you have a Joann or other fabric/craft/sewing store near you, go in and browse through the fabric and pick out something you like. Be realistic about the thickness. Their (ie, Joann's) "outdoor fabric" is what I most often use for carriers. I've made jumpers out of everything. My best one so...
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    Alternatives to the HABA airy-fairy?

    HABA says the safe weight limit is 66 lbs. and unless you have the circumference of a 4 year old, I doubt the sling would fit. The airy fairy swing is suitable to the circumference of a 14-year-old. Or a bit more. Don't be so skeptical - search the forums. I've posted plenty of videos. Keep...
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    Planning on making a jumper, EXCEPT

    If I find a jolly jumper cheap, I'll enlarge it, provide the resized pattern as PDF, and (as soon as I find a place to set it up) upload a video. Honestly, the "Jolly Jumper" style harness does not look even remotely comfortable to me so I have no strong desire to spend $80 on one just for this...
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    Planning on making a jumper, EXCEPT

    I can provide patterns for two very effective jumper "harnesses" in PDF format, if you would like them... I shall describe below: 1. Here is my latest creation, video here -> "Johnny Jump-Up" clone <- ... this is the Johnny Jump-Up, scaled to 1.5x it's original size. Frame is made of copper...
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    Adult Baby products that aren’t being made, but should be.

    The stock clamp on a 1970s "Johnny Jump-Up" held me at around 100 pounds or so, but it very clearly wasn't happy about it. The door trim was fine (if it is securely attached to the frame or the header so that it can't pull away from the wall, all is ok) but the clamp itself was failing... got...
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    Adult Baby products that aren’t being made, but should be.

    Get one with a decent-sized basket on the back and explain that it's much easier to carry cargo with. Maybe go pick up groceries once a week to make the excuse more viable.
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    ABDL Jolly Jumper

    Arguably my favorite subject. I've made a bunch. Being honest, I work several jobs and am an expert procrastinator - it doesn't really work out to try to sell these, or really do any "extra-curricular" business. Cloning and scaling the "Merry Muscles" seat design has been done. I have...
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    Your “I WANT!!!” list

    Can you perhaps point at some of the reddit links? I've only found one...
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    I don't disagree with any of your post or your numbers, but my experience somehow differs... apparently both myself and my boss (we're the only two people who work on that game) have mutant non-conductive sweat. We're a non-air-conditioned arcade on a beach. Sweat is part of the uniform. I...
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    While this is literally true, it's a somewhat dangerous thing to say. Taking two examples from where I work... On the one hand, I've got a machine (a very BRIGHT arcade game with tons of lights and motors) that runs on 12V 150A internally. On the other, I've got a 277V 20A lighting circuit...
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    Indeed, they do exist, but as you mention, are rare. The system I got hit by was 277/480 (wye) as are the vast majority I encounter, and the heat pump was single-phase 277. 504V, I can't say I've encountered yet, but Schneider makes equipment for it so it's not unheard of.
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    Worst I've got was 277V off a heat pump. I learned that day, among other things, that the breakers weren't labeled correctly. I flew off the ladder, invented some new vocabulary, and went and sat in my office for a couple hours waiting for my arm to stop tingling enough to finish the job. No...
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    Your ABDL wish/dream

    decent-length journey in one of my carriers. i'd like to fall asleep.
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    Children's highchairs

    I've got a shop-vac if you wanna try do-it-yourself liposuction...
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    Children's highchairs

    I am 5'1", 130lbs, currently. I vary up and down weight-wise, I'm at the upper end of my typical range right now. I have yet to *break* a child's high chair, and I've gotten into all types. My waist is about 32", also at the upper end of my range and give or take depending on the season. Being...
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    Favourite toys

    I HAVE YOUR VCR. mid-1980s, General Electric but actually made by Panasonic... Glad to see mine's not the only one still running.
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    Adult Baby Bouncer/Door Swing Ideas?

    at your size, the Haba Airy Fairy swing will work very very well. You'll need to work out your own spring/bungee solution, as it's just a swing, but they do make very good bouncers.
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    Stroller / Pushchair / Buggy

    Go find a BOB Revolution jogging stroller, or explore other similar options from the used market. I'm smaller than you, although not by a whole lot, and have spent *hours* in a bob, have not been specifically gentle to it, and have done it no harm. I've also fit successfully in almost every...
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    do you like it when your nanny carries you

    ... this is one of my favorite things. the preschool/prek/"big kid" backpack carriers actually work for me...
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    Anyone know how to make a good baby bouncer?

    For me, between 15 and 20 feet seems to work well. I am using two sets of 140lb garage door springs. The "not for climbing" carabiners I had in mind are the ones people use for keychains -- they're metal, but cheap flimsy metal that would never hold a person up.