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  1. SallyJayy

    Guilty Conscious💔🍼👶

    My fiancé can be in little space and be perfectly happy.Other days he will regret being and abdl and tells me "What would other people think if they found out".It is such a downer because I want him to be happy fully happy but I know he will always feel guilty about wearing diapers and being the...
  2. SallyJayy

    Early Christmas Present

    When my baby was young he had a stuffed animal dog. As he got older his family made fun of him because he had a stuffed animal so he threw it away. The other day he brought that up to me so since he's been a good boy mommy got him a replica of his childhood toy. Little boys should always be...
  3. SallyJayy

    Any Star Wars Fans Planning To Go See Rogue One

    Ive bought my tickets to go see Rogue One opening night..before they sold out.
  4. SallyJayy

    Ideas For Christmas Presents🎁

    My boyfriend is a little and I was wondering what I could get his little side for christmas..I know he likes toys but have no idea what kind to get.I would like to hear some little opinions on what a mommy should get for her baby.
  5. SallyJayy

    Need Some Advice 😢

    So a couple of days ago I was helping my boyfriend reset his phone and helping him move things to his SD card.I was setting up his email and got to the main screen and a a couple of emails popped up about and abdl dating boyfriend was right next to me and he knew I saw them and I...
  6. SallyJayy

    My ABDL Boyfriend

    Hello Everyone,I am new to this I had signed up with an other ABDL site but nobody real seemed to comment on my post.Me(18) and my boyfriend(19) have been dating for four years now and I had not so long ago found out about his liking to diapers.I found out because he wasn't so good at computers...