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    Diaper Collectors

    Wow! The collection that some of you have is amazing! :) Do you have plans to use them?
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    where r u all from

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    Diaper Collectors

    Hello all! Hope everyone's day is going well :) I was just cleaning up my room and realised that I have quite a massive stash. :smile1::smile1::smile1: Each time I see a different brand of diaper, I tend to purchase it (before I can even use finish the existing ones) and now am running out of...
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    Hello from Singapore!

    Hello everyone. :) I'm from Singapore and love diapers :biggrin::biggrin: I wear mamypoko xxl and huggies. :) Love to make friends with others!
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    Does anyone use baby diapers even if you dont fit in them?

    Baby diapers do fit some smaller size abdl! I've been able to fit into them with a 27inch waist. Not sure if this site rules allows pics though. It's the general feel and what I wore as a child so I've always preferred baby diapers.
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    Buying Diaper/Nappies in Australia

    Try the babylove nappies, they are quite large and can easily fit a 27inch waist
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    I did it, I told my mom!

    Congratulations, my mum kinda gave up after she realised that I just loved diapers way too much (: Now I have boxes of them in my room! Feels much better than sneaking them
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    ABDL Related Benefits of losing A LOT of Weight?

    The urge to wear baby diapers resulted in me running 12km three times a week in order to lose the weight. I'm now 61kgs (172cm) and can fit comfortably into baby diapers. The benefits are a healthier lifestyle, better defined body features and an increase general well being from being able to...
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    Hello everyone

    Hello! Welcome to adisc! :) nice to see another one from Brisbane Australia! There's where I live too :)
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    Hey, nice to meet you :) Would love to chat to you!

    Hey, nice to meet you :) Would love to chat to you!
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    What is the best (most typical) summer "thing" to you?

    The moment you need iced water just to stay cool. :(
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    Anybody here been to see Inside Out?

    I think it's one of the better movies that I've seen in years! Well developed and the jokes were tailored towards adults.
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    So This is my Computer

    wow that's a really nice computer, I'm still stuck using my 5 year old laptop! :(
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    Sometimes but just have to get over it and understand that it's not really a big deal in the grand scheme of things :)
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    Diaper Attachment.

    It's very normal :) Nothing to be worried about, just embrace it haha
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    YOUR Stash!

    I have around 60 babylove junior nappies in my closet and inside my nappy stacker.
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Babylove junior nappies!
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    What Diaper Should I get?

    If your hips are small enough, why don't you try and get some baby diapers? :) They are cheaper too!
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    fulfilling a childhood fantasy

    If you can fit into baby diapers by all means wear them! :) They are the best!
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    What would you do?

    I would probably buy diapers for them, knowing how it never goes away and its just a part of you