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  1. woodenpotty

    Email Bouncing

    My email [email protected] is a valid account that I use regularly. Can you fix your end? Woodenpotty
  2. woodenpotty

    Spanking horse/bench

    What are your experiences with using a spanking horse either as a rider or spanker. :dunno:Being strapped on one awaiting punishment just seems to me to make what is coming worse.:sweatdrop:
  3. woodenpotty

    Play Pens

    This was triggered by a parallel post in regard to child harnesses. I'm 71 and just about everyone used a play pen for their children. And today I don't see them. Do you have memories of being in or seeing in use play pens? And about what era was it? I guess I'm trying to also see when they...
  4. woodenpotty

    Harness Memories

    How about memories from real life in regard to child harnesses. Either used while walking or as a safety measure in high chairs prams etc.
  5. woodenpotty

    photo album

    Is there a way to change the arrangement of photos in an album?
  6. woodenpotty

    Old Potty Training

    This maybe for older members, but everyone that has input can pitch in. While most of us can't remember our own potty training we do sometimes have memories of others training. I'm a early Baby Boomer and lived in Chicago so there were lots of kids. We were often in other kid's homes. I saw...
  7. woodenpotty

    The importance of toilet training

    I have a question for those who aremedically incontinent. I have a friend who has a child that hasAutism. He has it in a rather severe form. He is not potty trainedbut does have control. For example he likes to stand at the top ofstairs and pee down along with other tricks when he wants to...
  8. woodenpotty

    Forced Pacifier Usage

    A question for Bigs. Many Littles like and use pacifiers. Based upon advertisements I see, you can get pacifiers connected to straps or head harnesses. I assume this is to prevent the Little from spitting them out. Or is it a form of gag. If that is the purpose does it work as well as a...
  9. woodenpotty

    Then and now

    I am wondering did you receive enemas as a actual child and get them now as an AB. Or did you get them as an actual child not now as an AB? Or not as an actual child but now as an AB?
  10. woodenpotty

    It's not easy being green

    I rather new here and perhaps I'm posting to soothe my conscience. I feel I need to urge DLs to use cloth. While I know there is a place for disposables the ecological impact is had to ignore. Even when out for short periods, use a diaper bag or equivalent. If one starts in their twenties...
  11. woodenpotty

    high chair - potty chair Did anyone have one of these combination high/potty chairs? And how did your family use it? My childhood neighbor had three boys, two of which were my about my age. The third, Roy, was three or five years younger. The three of us spent a lot of time in each...
  12. woodenpotty

    Adult Potty Chair

    Back in March there was a thread from a person looking for an adult potty chair. I build custom traditional wooden potty chairs. I started making toddler size ones, then I started making larger ones for people with special needs. Then I built some adult size. These are all based on...