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  1. couchesstevenboy

    Telling your spouse abouting wearing

    I told my wife a year after we got married. She is ok with it even she doesn't really get it. Like some said already l, bouderies are really important. Whenever she gets mad of me because of my diapers, is definitely because I am abusing of those bouderies; showing her my diapers too much...
  2. couchesstevenboy

    What's the quietest plastic-backed adult diaper?

    Hi, asked this question some months ago and from the replies, it seems that crinklz /better dry ones and the tena line are the most discreet ones. Someone suggested me the barnyards by rearz but I haven't tried them yet. I wear indeed crinklz and tena última and is true that they are quiet and...
  3. couchesstevenboy

    less crinkly ABDL diapers?

    Thank you all for your responses. I do weather cloth like diapers as well but I also like to wear plastic. Indeed crinklz are not that crinkle so indeed I wear often those ones as well as tena ultra. I buy others like Lil paws, kiddos, and other abdl plastic diapers because they are cute and I...
  4. couchesstevenboy

    less crinkly ABDL diapers?

    Hi all, I was wondering which abdl diapers are less crinkly. I love abdl diapers but they are not discreet at all :( my wife knows I wear and she knows were my stash is but, I would like to respect her and be less noisy when I walk around the house... Also sometimes in the middle of the night...
  5. couchesstevenboy

    New Company:

    I really hope this brand will go through. Buying diapers here in Switzerland are so so so expensive. It's even dumb how expensive adult diapers are here (and not even the good ones) i might be wrong but most of us ab/dl, we go to the country next door and buy them there... So having a brand...
  6. couchesstevenboy

    Are there any other married ABDL's in this community???

    Hi! I've been married for 5 years now. I told my wife that I liked to wear diapers and be a baby/ kid o on one year after. She is ok must of the time. She respects it and sometimes we do adult couple stuff in bed while I'm wearing a diaper. She is more into it when I'm wearing clothlike rather...
  7. couchesstevenboy

    ABUniverse is now open in the UK and EU

    Hi!! Great news indeed. How much would be the shipping to Switzerland? It seems that I wasn't able to find the country when I was check the shipping calculation myself. Cheers
  8. couchesstevenboy

    ABU EU Is Now Online!

    Wow that is great news thank you!!!!!!!!! I live on Switzerland so I guess a small shipping cost will be added right? The thing about us here in Switzerland is that we pay kind of expensive the importation taxes. (we pay for every import taxes here.....) Thank you and congratulations!!
  9. couchesstevenboy

    Speculation Time! (ABU Announcement November 24th)

    I honestly love Abu and all the magnificent things they are doing for the community and also to improve the lives of us including incontinents like me and others. All those wonderful designs intead of the medical diapers in the market that are not as good as Abu. I'm hoping they are announcing...
  10. couchesstevenboy

    Diaper rash?

    Nam is totally right, I spent almost five months this summer with what I thought it was a rough rash, suddenly I thought "dang, maybe it's fungus rash like jock itch" I tried first one type of fungus cream but it didn't work for me, I was still sweating and not healing. After spending certain...
  11. couchesstevenboy

    kins pull up cloth

    Super, thank you very much :) I'm excited about them
  12. couchesstevenboy

    kins pull up cloth

    Hi everyone! I hope you are doing well. I just bought a couple of kins pull up cloth diapers (my first ones) And I was wondering, has anyone tried to use this type of diapers under a disposable diaper? I mean, to use the disposable diaper as/instead of plastic pants? If I do, do you think I...
  13. couchesstevenboy

    Oooooo Marks and Spencers

    Hello, I'm a male 1.78mts height and 72-73 kilos. They fit well for me. Although I might say that sometimes at work the onesie press so firm to the diaper that makes me leak and I have to change. Would you thing that is because the onesie is too tight?? Oh well, they are confortable and the...
  14. couchesstevenboy

    In need of a discreet diaper

    Yups, preschools cloth backs or tena Maxi (something) cloth back as well
  15. couchesstevenboy

    Let's build the perfect diaper

    I totally agree!!! Even the preschools cloth back are perfect for the ones who like to wear with discretion like me when I work, etc. I think the marking and the companies like Abu are doing a great job and the community is looking awesome :)
  16. couchesstevenboy

    Incontinence & faucet/water sounds

    Oh yeah happens to me often. Different things will trig me to wet and sometimes is randomly. But yeah, running water, getting in a swimming pool/sea/bath also cold weather and I'm pretty sure that when the pressure changes.
  17. couchesstevenboy

    boys leggings/tights/ leg warmers

    Thank you for your responses. I check the suggestions you gave :)
  18. couchesstevenboy

    Pantyhose question?

    Thank you!!! They look good :)
  19. couchesstevenboy

    washing plastic pants

    So many great answers and ideas. Thanks to all
  20. couchesstevenboy

    boys leggings/tights/ leg warmers

    Hey everyone, now that is cold and time to be cozy, I wanted to get boy tights/ leggings like these ones but in adults size. Anyone know where I can get them? Even if they don't look child ish, I'll get them. Thanks In...