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  1. Jay1965

    Baby-Pants onezies sizes

    A couple of years ago I spotted the site where they sell these very cute onesies (or onezies as they themselves call them). Using Google to obtain some more information regarding it’s sizes I soon found that their sizes seem a bit off. Since I would like to get my money’s worth...
  2. Jay1965

    Jumping Jammerz sleeper size

    Hi, I've got a question which maybe someone here can answer: I think I want to order one (or more :smile1:) sleeper(s)/footed PJ's from Jumpin Jammerz, but I'm a bit confused about the sizes: I'm just over 6' and weigh 141lbs. According to my size (and their chart) I should have an L, but...
  3. Jay1965

    Finally, now it's official

    Hi, I think it's time I introduced myself: My name is Jay (well, of course, not my _real_ name, although that does start with the same letter). I'm a 47 year old (gay) male from Amsterdam and I've been wearing and using diapers for about 20 years now (although, come to think of it, liking...