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  1. couchesstevenboy

    less crinkly ABDL diapers?

    Hi all, I was wondering which abdl diapers are less crinkly. I love abdl diapers but they are not discreet at all :( my wife knows I wear and she knows were my stash is but, I would like to respect her and be less noisy when I walk around the house... Also sometimes in the middle of the night...
  2. couchesstevenboy

    kins pull up cloth

    Hi everyone! I hope you are doing well. I just bought a couple of kins pull up cloth diapers (my first ones) And I was wondering, has anyone tried to use this type of diapers under a disposable diaper? I mean, to use the disposable diaper as/instead of plastic pants? If I do, do you think I...
  3. couchesstevenboy

    boys leggings/tights/ leg warmers

    Hey everyone, now that is cold and time to be cozy, I wanted to get boy tights/ leggings like these ones but in adults size. Anyone know where I can get them? Even if they don't look child ish, I'll get them. Thanks In...
  4. couchesstevenboy

    washing plastic pants

    Hello, Ok, so I just bought my first pair of plastic pants (thanks for the advices I got from you) Since I will use them pretty much to avoid leaks on my furniture /clothes/bed. Do I have to wash them every single time? I wont pee on them directly and the cloth diapers I wear are aio from...
  5. couchesstevenboy

    discreet Plastic pants?

    Hi everyone, I hope y'all excited for Xmas :) So I have AIO dependeco diapers that I use every now and then because I'm not sure if they could leak and I'm outside whatever so when I use them, is used them in bed. I only wet them. I was wondering about plastic pants to use over them to be more...
  6. couchesstevenboy

    toy Story Vans shoes soon!!!

    Hey everyone!!! Vans shoes will be making themed shoes: toy Story!!!! Just Google it and you'll see pics. I can't wait!!! Will be available for Christmas I think. I'm gonna like get two pairs at least lol
  7. couchesstevenboy

    cute onesies for teens :)

    Hey! I just want to share with you the place where I usually get my onesies . these All the page is in German so Google translation is a must. The sizes refer to your height ;) great great quality!!! And all over them are hand made. They sell as well bibs...
  8. couchesstevenboy

    great bodies

    Hey! I just want to share with you the place where I usually get my bodies. I don't see people talking about this and it has been a few years I've got some of these All the page is in German so Google translation is a must. The sizes refer to your height ;)...
  9. couchesstevenboy

    diapers in Switzerland

    Hi all! So I just received for the first time here in Switzerland an order from save express. I usually order from them to France but I just moved to this new country. So I agreed to pay like 50 euros of shipping for like 8 packages of diapers cause I didn't have any choice. But when the...
  10. couchesstevenboy

    washing dependeco aio

    Hi all!! I'm starting a new thread cause the other ones are closed. So I decided to start using my dependeco diapers more often and I read some treads about washing them. I have a question regarding what to do after I took of my wet diaper and the day I will wash them. So what I do so far is...
  11. couchesstevenboy

    diaper rash help needed

    Hi everyone! I hope everyone is doing fine :) I tried to read some other posts about how to treat diaper rash but I've seen more like how to prevent them. So it's been 3 weeks since I got a rash between my legs (legs cuffs?) right between my legs and testicle, it happened from a weekend that I...
  12. couchesstevenboy

    Abu cloth back diaper

    Hello everyone!! I was wondering if someone knows the cheapest way to get the Abu kushies( dont remember how to spell that) the cloth back ones shipped to Europe, Switzerland to be more precise. I want to get the cloth back ones cause the other ones are way to loud for my taste. Thanks in advance
  13. couchesstevenboy

    Diapers In Switzerland

    Hi all!! Does anyone lives in Switzerland? I was wondering, how easy to get diapers is and if getting them online is a problem or not. Thanks in advance Steven
  14. couchesstevenboy

    I do like the new Crinklz

    Hi ya'll. I finally ordered the new Crinklz and I actually (personally) LOVE them!!! I've read some other threads saying that they are less crinkly, not thick enough, etc. Actually that's why I love them!! The new material is way way more soft, they are way more comfortable, they absorb fast...
  15. couchesstevenboy

    Cartoon adult pull up!!! :)

    Oh my god!! Look what I found from a Chinese company!! They make baby looking adult pull ups. I found this cause I just bought from a new diaper call "sexy" diaper which in fact is not sexy but cute looking and from what I can see, is the same from "mydiaper naght" Though, I...
  16. couchesstevenboy

    My diaper animal

    Hey I just saw in save express that mydiaper have a new diaper call animal. I've tried the night ones before and I really like them. They are really absorbent and feel nice when wet. Plus they are cheap. :)
  17. couchesstevenboy

    Advice please: wife and diapers

    Hi everyone! I would please like your advices about the following Subject: So my wife knows I wear diapers and that I actually enjoy very much wearing them even though she still don't get why and she is still not really ok about it. I have wear them In front of her several times (just diapers...
  18. couchesstevenboy

    so I told my wife aswell.

    Hey all. I'm new here and this is my first post. I just told my wife a few months ago about my desires for diapers. It hasn't been easy. Some ups and downs but she is more or less ok with it. The hardest part for me might be to control myself about not to push it that much. She is "ok" that i...