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  1. ptarmigan

    Might lose my job tomorow

    At least I'm not the only one! I don't have CP but at both of my last jobs I was ignored and treated like I was stupid because I didn't "gel" (damn you autism!). I never really fit in either places but it's very bad when you got your manager comparing you to his sister with Down's Syndrome (my...
  2. ptarmigan

    Drawing help

    What is your budget? You should plan out a budget so that people who are willing to be commissioned by you know how much you're willing to pay.
  3. ptarmigan

    Anyone else really protective of kids in videogames?

    I get attached to some characters, even obsess over them, but I've never actually felt that way towards a character. Usually it was the other way around like they were taking care of me.
  4. ptarmigan

    So a question regarding an issue I had...

    Yeah I've since stopped (for several years now). I think it was something I kinda wanted to get out, but it's nice to hear what others have to say. I'm not overly concerned about it because I have since (mostly) recovered and I'm not looking for a diagnosis, I was just wondering if anyone was...
  5. ptarmigan

    A question to all furs

    I like the birds, and I'm not someone who likes to have hair or feathers on my body, so I'd rather stay my boring humanly shaven-ape thing. Sorry guys...
  6. ptarmigan

    So a question regarding an issue I had...

    I've heard of that, too. I used to feel pretty bad about that side effect. Not so much anymore, but I'm super sensitive to that idea lol.
  7. ptarmigan

    Review of Aww So Cute footed jammies.

    They look really cozy. I mean heck even if I wasn't into this stuff I would give it a shot. The defects make me nervous though :P
  8. ptarmigan

    Cartoons You're Currently Watching?

    I watched Dinosaur Train today lol. I have a soft spot for PBS shows lol. I don't usually watch cartoons, that was different lol
  9. ptarmigan

    So a question regarding an issue I had...

    Back a few years ago I used to be mildly incontinent, induced by me "holding it". It was a weird habit that I picked up from somewhere. I guess I liked the feeling a lot or something. Anyways, I used to hold it to extremes which would eventually cause me to "leak" quite a bit, requiring me to...
  10. ptarmigan

    Going 24/7 - by accident!

    I had relatively minor incontinence issues in the past (I have mostly recovered so I don't really label myself as "IC") and I mean, more power to you, but I just don't understand why you would want to have to depend on that. I guess I was just paranoid about smelling like urine, but I mean, it...
  11. ptarmigan

    Question! About starting out!

    Ah, okay! This would be kind of a "special" occasion if it were to occur, so I would be willing to expend a little more for it. Thanks for the ideas though. I would rather have something that I can get for both of us, and personally I would prefer something less "medical" looking like you said...
  12. ptarmigan

    What is your level of Education

    Still in college here! For 3 years now o3o
  13. ptarmigan

    Using a Life sized Teddy bear as a suit?

    That sounds really uncomfortable. I mean, it's doable. You would have to make sure you're covered head to toe because the insides of that bear would be uncomfortable. It would probably not be very strong. It would probably lose a lot of its shape without the stuffing in there. Personally, I...
  14. ptarmigan

    Why do people always assume ABDL guys will settle for nothing less than a "Mommy?"

    I would personally find having someone in my life like that being very distracting, even from a fetish side. There's a side of me that wants to be taken care of and then there's a side of me that wants none of that. And even if my significant other didn't want to take care of me like that it...
  15. ptarmigan

    Question! About starting out!

    I'm thinking about possibly getting something for me and a friend to have some "fun" some night. Not sure whether or not I will, but I wanted to know what would be a good "rear-end-protector" to start off with. :) Also any other things that you think would compliment the experience would be...
  16. ptarmigan

    What Do You Do For Work?

    I used to be a photographer at a kitschy photography studio. I made the jump though to being an apprentice developer! wooo
  17. ptarmigan

    ab/dl in public

    I've always been paranoid about wearing a diaper but I think if you covered it properly it wouldn't be a huge deal as long as you were considerate of others. I have considered bringing a pacifier around though, but not for the whole abdl thing, but more because of an intense oral fixation that I...
  18. ptarmigan

    Im super scared

    Hey, I know it's a bit old but I gotta say this, if AV doesn't work you should investigate what could possibly be the root cause. A lot of these viruses dig really deep into the system to lodge themselves in. Some of these viruses need programs developed just for that virus to remove. If all...
  19. ptarmigan

    How many times have you been denied?

    There's a lot of really good artists that will draw diapers out there. It's a matter of finding them. I'm pretty good and obviously I'm open to it teehee. But in all seriousness, most people don't feel comfortable about it because people think that we're pedos (and scary to say there are those...
  20. ptarmigan

    Diaper art

    I wonder how effective drawing them would be? Of course using them, personally, would make all that work go to naught ;-; I couldn't see myself doing that because of that. Maybe if it was a quick sketch, but nah.