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    Best places to buy Little clothes

    i bought some at Patapoom in france, payed for them but NEVER recieved them. No response at e-mail asking for information. On the other hand i have good experiences with Nappiesrus, Tykables, Privatina and ABDLfactory.
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    Adult baby shops

    try save express in Germany. I hear they also have a walk in shop.
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    Magnifico Pullup

    I also agree. It looks too much like a granny diaper. Nice try but i wont't be buying these. Woudl be excited though if they managed to replicate a real pull-up style diaper and i hope Bambino or maybe ABU will manage that in the near future. Would also like to see a magnifico style diaper with...
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    New cuddlz

    if you mean the new nursery print diaper (with green sides). Yes i bought them and they are quite decent. The fit is okay and they swell nicely when used. Tapes don't come loose so this is okay too. In quality i would say they are comparable to the ABU sdk 2 but with four tapes instead of two...
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    How can I make myself sleep when I'm too excited for my delivery?

    hot milk and a spoon of honey
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    bambino magnifico please help: how to buy them in Europe ?

    Thanx for the info. Checking your website daily now and will oder them as soon as they arrive.
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    bambino magnifico please help: how to buy them in Europe ?

    I would like to buy the Bambino Magnifico diapers but i live in Europe (Netherlands). As far as i know bambino does not ship to Europe. NappiesRus sells bambino diapers but so far not the Magnifico. Does anybody know how i could purchase the Magnificos in Europe?
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    Bambino Magnifico: Finally!

    Does anyone know how to order the magnifico's in Europe. Ik know NappiesRus in England sells Bambino Diapers in Europe. But until now no Magnifico's. Would really like to try them ....
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    boys leggings/tights/ leg warmers

    you could also check
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    Buying diapers in Germany

    If your visit to Germany brings you anywhere near the German/Belgian border, you could also try a visit to Belgium. In Belgium most large supermarkets like "delhaize" sell adult diapers (mostly brand Orlys). Save Express in Quickborn near hamburg woudl also be a good option. They are AB friendly...
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    European abdl diapers/ Ordering abdl diapers from within Europe

    AB-DL-TB Shop in Holland (AB-DL-TB factory). Have good experience with them. Also with Nappiesrus and save express.
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    Best nighttime diaper

    Comficare, Crinklz, Fabine (buntewindel), Rearz, Snuggies overnight and (for cheaper diaper) mydiaper night are all very adequate as nighttime diaper. Got no leaks this far at night. Yust keep your "pointer" down.
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    Forgetting you weren't wearing a diaper

    Happened to me once when i was gaming. Usually i wear and use diapers when i am gaming for a couple of hours. This time i did not put on diapers and after an hour or so, distracted by the game, i suddenly felt i was wetting my pants. Had forgotten that i had not put on a diaper before. I...
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    Diaper that swells / expands the most?

    What i mean is no leaks through the plastic this time (which was where they F**ked up with the fabine "air" last time).
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    Diaper that swells / expands the most?

    just got the new print fabines. They managed to make them better then the previous types. Tapes holding very well and the fit is (at least to me) even better then before. They still hold al lot of fluids and swell up very nicely without "clumping up." No leaks this time. So there is a good...
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    Bambinos in Europe?

    As far as i know it is not possible to buy the bambino's in europe. Would like to try them anyway so if somebody has a tip about how to get them in europe that would be nice. About your question: I have tried the cuddlz. They are quite nice but not half as thick as the fabine or the new...
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    Are there any GOOD plastic backed diapers left??

    Yes i live in europe and buy them from save express (Save Express Sanitaetsfachhandel Discount Versand Weidlich Deutschland) and from Don't know the highth of shipping cost to the usa. But when ordering, shipping cost is always shown before confirming the orde. So if you...
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    Are there any GOOD plastic backed diapers left??

    definitly the comficare.
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    Comficare M10/L10

    i bought some comficares from save express. In my opnion they are as good as te fabines (my favorite) and they are also a bit cheaper. Have not tried the new fabnes yet (new print and cut). On their website they say that april 22 they can deliver the new type. I will surely trie them on.
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    Fabine leak problem

    I had the same problem with the "äir active" brand. After that i ordered the Christmas diapers and the printed ones and they still are of very good quality. I hope the new ones they get in March will also be of the same quality (or better as they promise). They sell the air active brand now at...